Indigo Wild

While in Kansas City, I had a wonderful day, night, and morning with my dear friend Marla Svoboda. Marla’s younger daughter, Hattie, invited us to visit her work place. I love getting to see how things are made inside factories, but the experience Hattie shared with us was way more than that.

Hattie works at Indigo Wild a Kansas City owned and operated soap company. When we arrived at the factory on Saturday morning workers were already socializing outside. That’s the first thing I noticed about Indigo Wild–every one seemed happy to be at work!

Here is the outside of the factory.

Inside the factory there is also a little shop where you can purchase soaps and other lovely things.

Inside the factory there is also a little shop where you can purchase soaps and other lovely things.

And here is a peak about at what is happening behind the doors of this rather regular old red brick building.

Indigo Wild staff regularly bring their dogs to work, play D.J. on the sound system, make each other fancy teas and coffees, and have a very good time while working. I must say seeing all of this was so inspiring. How good it must feel to be part of creating such an amazing work environment for your employees.

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of Indigo Wild. If you want more, check out this great video on their website. And if I was unemployeed in Kansas City, I think I would be running down to 3125 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, Missouri to apply for a job.

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2 thoughts on “Indigo Wild

  1. marla svoboda on said:

    perfect, maria! i will miss the way hattie makes my home smell when she comes home from work after she goes to college in st louis in the fall…


  2. Marla- It has been such a pleasure to watch your two girls grow up into beautiful women.


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