Image Journal #11

Training yourself to think with a camera takes discipline, and I was off my game this week for sure.

When that happens, your best bet is to use a cute kitty photo. Here is Kato helping with the laundry. He loves the dryer.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Icy walk conditions this weekend. Cleats are mandatory.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Maria Shell Image Journal #11Maria Shell Image Journal #11You’d never know it from the outside, but this is the best falafel joint in town.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11It is run by an Israeli family. There is always an international soccer game blaring on the T.V., family photos, and lots of love for Israel and America. The service is great and the food is excellent, but I’ve always wondered about that counter. Isn’t it wacky?

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Maria Shell Image Journal #11Many of you know that I finished the Laurel by Colette Patterns this week.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11And then I faced my fear of knits and tried out the Lola by Victory Patterns.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11I decided on a beautiful fleece for this adventure, and I took some of your advice and figured out a zigzag stitch that worked.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Another blogger called this sweater dress a snuggly that you can go out in public wearing. And I think she might be right. Here’s a peak at my finished version.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Maria Shell Image Journal #11Next project–PANTS. I am going to use that blue print for the the pocket liners.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11To the friends who are embarking on Crow Craziness in Indianola, Washington this week–I hope your studies are vastly creative and wildly fun.

Maria Shell Image Journal #11Spring is coming. Really it is.

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6 thoughts on “Image Journal #11

  1. Sharon Robinson on said:

    Nancy riding the Thread Rocket! I love it!

    • Take lots of photos! And then write some blogs, so we can share in the fun. Last fall, an anonymous student made this flyer. Nancy spent the entire two weeks trying to find the culprit.It was very funny.

  2. You have been very busy !!!

    • Mary- It feels like I have been lazy, but that is life. Sometimes you have to do the dishes.

      • What….they don’t do themselves??? Seriously…today I am putting the last of the (shhh…) Christmas stuff away…and dusting the family room…only because somebody is coming over tonight…my desk is a wreck, the clutter runneth over and I can’t give myself permission to go slow, and I need to lock out all the computers and phones so I do some work…no…I don’t see you as lazy!

      • Cleaning only when I have visitors- that’s my MO as well!

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