Image Journal #16

A new method for roasting peppers made me think of about composition. As in the art of arranging flowers, it is harder than it looks to corral those peppers into a pleasing figure ground relationship.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16It is official. I’ve got a residency contract for two months at the McColl Center for Visual Art in North Carolina.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16It is the beginning of Break Up season here in Anchorage.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16The ice that coated our parking lots and drive ways since November is all melting away. The Chugach Mountains snow caps turn to water which rolls down the hillside and into the city turning dirt roads like the one we live on into braided streams.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16The boys’s two block walk home from school routinely takes more than a half an hour. The light and the warmth coupled with water and mud make for good times.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16Rear End Wisdom

Maria Shell Image Journal #16I taught both Saturday and Sunday. Tour of Anchorage is a premier ski marathon held here every year. Mimi has saved t-shirts from 22 of the last 25 Tours. We worked hard to get the t-shirts into a thoughtful composition.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16Then we picked a wild palette for filler. Hopefully, I can get Mimi to share a photo when it is all done.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually having fun with knits.

Maria Shell Image Journal #16Next up denim pants. I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea of making   jeans, so I think I will call them pants for now.

In case you didn’t see the invite from last week, I’d like to invite you to my fundraiser/ house party.

securedownloadI hope you will come!

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10 thoughts on “Image Journal #16

  1. archytech on said:

    Congratulations on the residency! How exciting. That tunic is really cute too! You are tempting me to want to make clothing. I might have to stop reading your blog. 😉

  2. Congrats on the residency! I wish I could come to the house party. What a fun time that would be.

  3. Best luck that you have the residency in NC. We must meet each other. Let me know the dates so I can pencil us in. Carole

  4. Congratulations on the residency, Maria! You are rocking the quilt world! BTW, love the combination of fabrics for the t-shirt quilt and your spirited blogposts.

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