Image Journal # 3

Well, the biggest news of the week was, of course, my birthday. I am now 49 years young. And I would say all and all, it is a really good thing to be, well, OLD. Thank you ALL very much for the birthday wishes.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015Despite the fact it’s January, things are warm and barely covered with snow. I know the moose are happy, but it just doesn’t feel right.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015Last year, I got rid of all my knitting supplies. This year, I changed my mind.

I am trying something new and, well, not my normal style at all. I am going to select, start, and finish one knitting project at a time. All knitting must fit into this bag. Some of you may recognize the Uptown Commuter Bagmade while at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation last fall.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015Project number #1 features this beautiful blue green yarn.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015Which is incredibly difficult to photograph. It is blue, it is green, and it is golden.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015I went to the Far North Yarn Co. here in Anchorage for assistance.  They helped me pick a simple, do-able, first sweater pattern. It is called the Roll Raglan by the Yankee Knitter Designs.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015I’m sure all you knitters and crocheters know about Raverly, but I had no idea.  It is a web based community place all about hooks and needles. I am very distracted by this website.

I did some serious photography of the quilts from the Great Alaskan Quilt Out which I will be writing more about later this week.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015I logged some serious hours making clothes. I am going to participate in Me-Made-May/Project EveryDay again this year and I will have JEANS, no denim pajama bottoms this year. The number of patterns that I have altered to fit my form is constantly growing.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3My favorite make of the week was this morphed version of the Aurelia Cardigan by Sew Liberated. Here is the pattern.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3And here is my final version. It’s made of a vintage wool jersey which was psychologically very difficult to cut up. It was worth it though. This is great dress up/dress down piece.

Walt’s mom sent us this amazing family artifact. It’s a poster advertising her family’s circus. Yep, I married into a circus family–it’s a surprisingly good fit.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3Thinking about the Walt’s family’s circus background always makes me think of the book Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.  It is an incredibly original story of a circus family, but it is much more than that. It is a story of love and the human condition and acceptance and fame and cult madness. It is so good, I think it’s about time I read it again.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2015Joann Mattera shared this comic on her art blog . It’s so true; I had to share it here.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015I would have to add one more panel for fiber artists. It would go something like this–you, the artist, are busy stitching away, and someone (it could be a family member even) asks you to hem their pants, make them a quilt, do their mending….you know for FREE cause well, you can sew.

Would you ever ask you dentist to clean your teeth for free? I don’t think so.

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  1. pmgarrett2 on said:

    you rock

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  2. I admire your creativity. Happy Birthday! I remember 49….thinking that no one could doubt my “adulthood now by golly”. Someday when I grow up I want to join the circus! Wouldn’t it be fun to have that poster hanging in the dining room. Imagine the conversations that it would inspire!

  3. Thank you Mary! I know having a family circus is quite the conversation starter. I hope your new year is off to a great start!

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