Cloth in Common Round One

Many of you may know that I am a member of Cloth in Common. We are an international quilt group. Every two months one members shares a prompt for all of us to use as inspiration for creating new work.

Our ROUND ONE of working together lasted 22 months and included 11 prompts—one from each member. The underlying theme for these prompts was Unusual.

Perhaps my Cloth in Common name should be Notoriously Slow, as I am constantly struggling to keep up with the pace of the group.

We are now well into the Round Two prompts which have an underlying theme of Community.

Last month, I managed to take the last few quilts from Round One into the photographer for professional images.

I thought it might be fun to share all eleven quilts that I completed here in this blog post.

I will list the prompt, the quilt, and the size followed by images of the quilt.

Prompt #1—Sound
Quilt—True Confessions: Cacophony/Euphony
30” Width by 40” Height

Prompt #2—Touch
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #3—Lyrics
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #4 Kitchen
Quilt—Atomic Chairs
20’’Width by 30’’Height

Prompt #5 Spring
Quilt—Break Up
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #6 Road
Quilt—MXY Road
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #7 Night
Quilt—Chairs in Space
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #8 Water
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #9 Time
Quilt—Worm Hole
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #10 Disunity
Quilt—Use Your Words (Carefully)
30’’ Width by 40” Height

Prompt #11 Mask
30’’ Width by 40” Height

I hope you have enjoyed these quilts. I would love to know your favorites. Please visit the Cloth in Common website to learn more about Round Two, the artists involved, and the quilts they have made.

Thank you for stopping by. It feels good to finally have written the first blog post of 2020!

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10 thoughts on “Cloth in Common Round One

  1. Mark Vail on said:

    Hi Maria, nice to see the collection. Hot Seat, Jokulhaup and Spring. Look forward to more in the next round.


  2. Eeek that’s so mean !!! picking a favourite is so hard but Hot Seat wins by a smidge from Wormhole ! I love them all !!


  3. What a big effort to make all those quilts! While I love to make smaller, wall hanging sized quilts, I find them more difficult to actually USE. I mean, what to do with them? I already have more than 20 quilts on my walls. Well, YOU could certainly have a private show with yours. They’re all so beautiful. I love your design style, and hope someday to take a class from you. Thanks for sharing your lovelies.


  4. Linda Evans on said:

    My favorite is Break Up. Those spiky rows of triangles make me think of thorny branches, but as I study it, the secondary patterns emerge with rows of rounded shapes developing… smooth and solid, such a contrast to the prickly stickers. The palette is calm but still exciting… how’d you do that? 😃 It’s a dynamic interesting piece and every time I see it, it looks fresh.


  5. I like Worm Hole, Break Up, and Lucy. Much easier to view and study on FB than in the email.


  6. Really like your chair series. map



  7. Thank you for posting these and inspiring me


  8. thatfabricfeelingcom on said:

    Maria, Do you work with mostly solid fabrics? I’m just curious to know how much patterned fabric you tend to use in your gorgeous pieces.


  9. Wow, I really like them Fantastic job
    You are talent : )


  10. Mary Anne Loehr on said:

    Such Beauty, thank you. My favorite is MXY Road, probably because I miss the beauty of the Alaska mountains and their rugged roads!


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