Queen of the North Goes to the Alamo

I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened to the sweaters? And I have to confess that my sweater making has taken a backseat to quilting since I made Queen of the North for Object Runway.

January was procrastination month–I just did not want to do the work to re-configure my studio. So, I shopped for sweaters, and I blogged.

February was all about getting the studio done.

March was catch up on quilting month. Did you know that National Quilting Day is in March? My youngest son was born on that day. I actually stopped making a quilt to have him.

This means April is the month of the sweater. As soon as I finish this post, I am folding my cotton fabric up and pulling my felted wool out.

To celebrate this moment, I’d like to share some good news.

Yesterday morning, I got an email from The Surface Design Association (SDA) telling me that my garment from Object Runway was juried into their member’s fashion show. The show called Fabricate will be held in conjunction with SDA’s bi-annual conference this June in San Antonio, Texas.

And to make good news even better, my model from Object Runway, Beth Nordlund, has agreed to rock the runway for this show too. (It helps that her grandmother lives in San Antonio.)

Beth pointed out that she would be very HOT wearing all that wool in San Antonio–the things we do for art and fashion.

SDA is an international organization that supports awareness and appreciation of textile arts. Their bi-annual conference features workshops, lectures, and gallery shows about fiber and the artists who use it as their medium.

After I heard the good news, I decided I’d better check out what some of the other artists will be walking down the runway. I probably shouldn’t have done that as their work is AMAZING. Here is a look at what was shown at the 2011 show.

I should also tell you that I will be showing my quilts at the Gallery Nord in San Antonio as one of the SDA-Sponsored Exhibitions. I’ll be showing a collection of Color Grids.

All of this means I’ve got just a little bit of work to do between now and June.

Mo-Better-Sweaters will be coming your way soon.

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