A Mini-A Solo-A Group-A Party

I know I’ve been acting a bit like the narrator in Nabokov’s Despair--I say something, and it just isn’t true. I said I was going to be making sweaters this week, but instead I have been pursuing a quilting idea I just could not let be.

It started with the quilt I was making for the annual SAQA auction. I am a machine piecer from my skin to my core. It is what I love to do. I use traditional quilt making techniques in my work. I do not paint, stamp, or glue my quilts. Some day I’ll take that leap, but for now I am firmly grounded in these old school methods.

So, how do I use my methods of choice to create a small 12 inch by 12 inch quilt? That is the hard part for me. I want the piece to look like my work, but be small-a mini me.

I decided to take one of my Color Grid quilt sketches which are usually 18 inches by 18 inches and see if I could shrink that sketch down to 12 inches by 12 inches. Habenaro was the quilt I selected to try this experiment out on. It worked!

And this is the point where things went awry. I thought I would just take one more day and make minis for all of the Color Grid quilts I had been working on. And while I was at it, I had another idea. Why not make a mini, a solo (which I had been calling a sketch or a proto-type), a group (which is a true Color Grid quilt) , and then a party? And I thought I could do this is a day. HA!

So for each Color Grid I created there would actually be three full quilts (a mini, a solo, and a group) and one party, which is when a Color Grid sketch or solo joins a group of other sketches or solos.

Here is how that worked for Habenaro. I had to change very little about the proportion to get the Mini-Habenaro to work.

Next I worked out the details on TRANCE. This one was a bit more difficult. I was running out of fabric,  and I needed to make some hard decisions about proportion to get it to read right.

And finally Jimi Makes a Quilt.  This was a nightmare, and made me realize that Habenaro was beginner’s luck. I had to dramatically change the mini, but that is okay. A part of the lessons learned.

Now for the really exciting part of this adventure–all the solos get to join a party.  Here is what that looks like.

This was a great lesson for me in adapting my work to different size formats and seeing what happens. It also gave me about a bazillion new ideas of things I can do with these Color Grid quilts.

It’s sweater time. Really.

If you find this subject interesting, here are several other blog posts I have written about making these quilts.

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3 thoughts on “A Mini-A Solo-A Group-A Party

  1. Nysha on said:

    Love these little guys – they seem to have the same impact as the larger ones. You are the bomb!

  2. Sharon Robinson on said:

    Wow, they look fabulous together!

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