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Last fall, when I started making sweaters my hope was that I would create a small cottage industry. I would sell the sweaters in a couple of shops and do custom sweaters for individual clients. I thought it would take about a month for me to get this going.

Okay, I now know my time estimate was way off. Some time in March, I realized that this was actually going to take a lot longer to happen. I currently only have two designs I can produce easily. I do not have a fancy label or marketing materials. So I got real with myself. My new goal was to create six sweater designs, and then I would start to look for a shop to sell my work.

In April, my friend Ruth was visiting. We met at the Crow Barn in 2009 and have been friends since. Her son lives in Anchorage and every spring she comes up for a week to watch her granddaughters. When she is in town, we like to take day and go to lunch and shop downtown. Ruth is very fun and always has a good time talking to clerks and waiters.

When we walked into G Street Fox, Ruth announced to the clerk. “You should be selling my friends sweaters in your store.” The clerk looked at me–I, of course, was wearing one of my sweaters, and said “I think you are right”.

She took several photos of the sweater I was wearing. And I told her all the important facts about the sweater–it’s made of recycled old wool sweaters that have been felted in my washing machine which makes them fire retardant and water resistant and oh so soft to wear.

About a week later, Romney Dodd, the owner of the G Street Fox, called. Romney is a maker of beautiful painted things from clogs to dishes. Check out her amazing work.  From the beginning of our conversation it felt right. G Street Fox felt like a perfect fit for me and my sweaters. And Romney seemed to think the same thing!

We decided it would be fun to have them at their First Friday event for May. Well, that was just days away. I got busy. I finished up several sweaters that just needed collars and I made a three new sweaters.

Walt and I went to the First Friday event–these things are bit crazy. Lots of people checking out what is new in the downtown boutiques.

I was so excited about making the sweaters and getting them ready for sale, that I forgot to take pictures! Last week, I went back and took some photos. Here is what is for sale.

If you like these sweaters, I hope you will take the time to visit G Street Fox at 420 G Street Anchorage, Alaska. The store is full of thoughtful clothing, cool Alaskan art and craft, and Jim Sweeny’s books. You gotta like that.

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