Extreme Quilting

In preparation for the San Antoino show at the Gallery Nord, I have been in what I normally call “hunker down mode”. I do not leave the house for days at a time when I am quilting like this.

Walt calls it a Quiling Bender.

In my mind, this particular hunker down will forever be known as my foray into Extreme Quilting.

This hunker down is more intense than others. I am not sure if it is the importance of the show or the time of the year. I do not normally spend so much time in my studio in the final days of the school year. I should be enjoying the change in the weather and the end of the year happenings with my children. But I am not, I am quilting.

I am in an alternative universe where the only space is my studio, the only people are my family, the only activity is quiltmaking. All day long I cut, stitch, iron, and then quilt. At night, life is the same. I dream of my day–an endless loop of thread and cloth.

When the quilts are boxed up and mailed, I will share photos and details of this time warp.

Until then, here are few photos of my latest Color Grid and the start of the piece I will be working on today.

I am still contemplating a name for this piece. What does it make you think about?

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