Creating a Community Field Guide with Kristin Link

On Sunday, the kids and I participated in a Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) program with artist Kristin Link.

All summer long, the WMC offers a selection of artsy programing to kids through the Mountain Arts for Youth Program. This year, kids made recycled instruments, nature collages, an artifact mural, and a community field guide.

Kristin shared with the participants an assortment of field journals, why we have them, and how to make one. Our goal for the day was to create a field journal filled with the plants that exist naturally in the space around us out here in McCarthy.

Kristin sharing field journals.Kids looking at field journalsPlants for the field journalMore plants for the field journalThe kids played hot potato to determine who would get which plant.

Kids playing hot potatoAs with most programs at the WMC, children of all ages are invited to participate. Because my drawing skills are very limited, I knew it would beyond my comfort zone to participate–and that is the idea. It’s how you learn. I foolishly chose yarrow. Kristin said all the plants are difficult to draw, but yarrow is MORE difficult. I am not sure why I did not simply select raspberry leaves.

YarrowAfter we selected our plants, we went out into the field to see if we could find where each plant liked to live.

IMG_8867Yarrow in the fieldWe completed a rough draft of our observations out in the field.

Rough DraftFrom there we headed back to Porphyry Place to create our final drafts of our plants. Kristin showed the students how she rough sketches, then uses water color paints, and finally pencil to create her field sketches.

Kristin DemostratingHere are the results of all our work.

Kristin is a professional artist certified to teach in our schools. If you would like to have your children have this wonderful experience in both art and science, you can learn more by visiting her website and blog.

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