SAQA Art Collection Part II

As promised, here is the rest of my SAQA Benefit Auction Quilts.

10 Silvergirl and Sisters -1Silvergirl and Sisters by Pamela Price Klebaum
Pamela is another quilter I feel as if I discovered. When I purchased this quilt, she did not have a website and now she is doing amazing work. Many of her pieces feature women drawn in the fashion of this quilt.

11 Under the Bridge - 1Under the Bridge by Katharina Litchman
This is a lovely abstract piece with beautiful quilting.

12 Spring Collection - 1Spring Collection by Bea Bernasconi
I very fond of this piece. The hand embroidery is delicate and lovely.

13 Study in Batik - 1Study in Batik by Rhoda Taylor
Rhoda is the only quilter in my collection who doesn’t have a website so I don’t know much about her work, but I would like to learn more.

14 Daisies - 1Daisies by Lisa B. Ellis
Lisa teaches a class called Lazy Landscape quilts and this is an example of that technique. the background is fused applique and then she stitches the flowers with thread. This piece makes me very happy.

15 Cool Summer - 1Cool Summer by Christi Beckmann
I love this quilt! The layering of flowers and the use of color are really interesting to me.

16. Chaos-1Chaos by Judith Plotner
Judith employes a varity of techniques many of which are traditionally used in collage and painting. Her work frequently features text and urban motifs.

18. Calligraphic Landscape-1.Calligraphic Landscape by Denise Linet
What I like best about Denise’s work is the beautiful layering of curves and stitch.

17.Point of Departure-1.Point of Departure by Mary T. Buchnan
Mary’s work is informed by having spent many years working with adults with memory impairments. The hand work and the justapositions of images is beautiful.

I like all my pieces to be together and the only wall that is really large enough to do that is in our bedroom.

IMG_9437Every morning I wake up to a wall of inspiration! I know the pieces are not evenly hung–as my husband put it, he is not a curator. We are going to re-space the pieces when we add the new ones from this year.

I hope this tour of my collection has inspired you to take a look at the quilts offered in this year’s auction. It’s a fun way to learn more about SAQA artists and the art they make.

If you missed the first half of the collection, you can see them here.

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6 thoughts on “SAQA Art Collection Part II

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  2. Maria, thank you for sharing your wonderful collection with us. I have been so impressed with your designs, as well, having seen them on the Off the Wall Friday posts.

  3. Linda elder on said:

    I saw your links on the quilt art group and followed it here. Thanks for the link to such an outstanding collection. You have a terrific variety of pieces.

  4. Maria,
    Your blog is so great that I am sending it to an East Indian friend who is in Mumbai so your blog is indeed international not only in China now. Your trip to China was an opportunity of a lifetime. Congratulations. I know they loved meeting you. I have enjoyed seeing your 12″ collection and how you have displayed it in your bedroom. I thought about you today when I visited my favorite local weekend flea market here in SC where I bought the most charming vintage landscape of a rustic salmon drying facility framed in a hand crafted pine bark frame. I paid 25 cents for it and am enchanted–proof anymore that you can find anything anywhere these days.

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