Crow Barn Reflections

I am sitting in the Minneapolis Airport a bit disappointed in their art collection. In fact, their collection does not appear to exist. For such a progressive city, this is disappointing. When I traveled through here on my way to the Crow Barn, I did see this lovely tile mosaic. There was no name plate for the artist or title of work, but I did take a picture.

Minnepolis Airport ArtMinnepolis Airport ArtThe clouds are particularly nice.

Cloud Close-up

While I wait to board a plane for the land of mountains, darkness, and family, I thought I would do a little airport reflection on my time at the Crow Barn.

It all feels pretty raw right now. The first week was full of sadness. I am still not quite sure what happened that week. Maybe I never will be. It took me by surprise and made me cry.

You might not know this if you have never attended a Nancy Crow workshop, but crying is part of the process. Nancy has never said this out loud, but it seems to me that she feels that when we are vulnerable–as in crying in front of a couple of dozen people–we are also in a state of creativity. We are exposed and only have a couple of choices available. We can run and hide. Or we can look more closely at our essential selves.

When I am faced with this choice, my initial response is anger. What the buck? I’ve already shown you all I have got, and you still want more? My next response is to stitch something–this calms me, clears my head, makes me feel good. I go to my sewing machine and work. I cut and iron and sew a million pieces of cloth together until it all starts to make sense.

Pile of Stitched BitsI experience that fleeting moment of creative equilibrium.  Better living and HAPPINESS through stitching. I get to pause for a moment, and feel that I am on my right path. Joy and more joy.

Me stitching

Followed by crying, sleepless nights, and travel.

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16 thoughts on “Crow Barn Reflections

  1. Great picture-HAPPINESS through stitching- I love this Maria!

  2. Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve cried at the Barn. I found that my response was not anger, but determination. Determination to work harder, be better, to show both Nancy and myself that I am capable of more.

  3. Susan Walen on said:

    Maria, that last picture is a stunner. I love love love what is developing on that board behind you. It has a feeling of native Alaskan work. Your fan,

  4. on said:

    I love that composition in the last photo behind you at the machine! that maltese cross on point shape is really interesting! Can’t wait to see where that goes!

  5. Wow….that is a lot of raw emotion as you are getting your creative groove going. I look forward to seeing you in Houston in the Craftsy Open Studio~!~

  6. Waiting to hear more and more and more
    Can’t wait to see you in Houston

  7. Great path to choose. And your piece is beautiful. I’m excited to see what else comes from it.

  8. Lynne lee on said:

    Maria….I have cried, withdrawn then returned for more. I hurt then get it together to move on….I tell myself that it’s all part of the process. I’m not at the barn as planned….broke my shoulder in Alaska and am really miss the comradeship as well as the push to be as good as I can be…..

    • Lynn Lee- In the beginning I thought it was just me. I might be the biggest bawl baby of all. Others are better at keeping their emotions in check, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t having major feelings too. I am so sorry to hear you broke your shoulder! I hope it is on the mend.

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