I have not spent so much time staring at a computer screen since graduate school. But it is over. I am now the master of my own universe–I created my own website! Which I know is not exactly the same as ruling the world, but it really does feel pretty awesome right now to be me.

I did this amazing feat with a quite a bit of help from Kim Bruce at Artbiz. Kim, besides being a wordpress whiz, is also an artist herself. This means she designs websites with artists in mind.

Deep Blue Sea by Maria Shell

Deep Blue Sea 2012

This means that if you are an artist wanting to manage your own website, than Kim is the person to give your money to. For your money, you get a website template of your choosing and enough tutorials to actually get you through the process of populating the site. Seriously, every time I would start to panic and think I was not capable of creating my own site, I would just force myself to keep reading Kim’s tutorials. The answer was always there. It is as if she were a mind reader.

I have had major drama in my life concerning my website–to the point where it disappeared. I won’t share the details, but things were looking pretty shabby.

Part of the reason I lost my website is because just hearing these words–widget, plug-in, format, theme, gallery, menu, DNS, host, permalink, trackback, slug, url, and SEO–paralyzed me with fear. I still don’t really know what all of those words mean, but I am no longer afraid to find out.

Solar Blue 2013

Solar Blue 2013

Last Monday, I emailed Kim to start the discussion about me populating and running my own website. By Wednesday, she had my site ready for me to start working on. She did this even though last Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada!

I have been working on the site since last Friday pretty much non-stop. And today, right now, I am going to walk away from this computer screen, just as soon as I show you my new site. All you have to do is click on that link at the top of this page that says Website. Or you can click here. Either way you end up at a website I created!

There was point when I thought I would move my blog over to the new website, but I just couldn’t do it. I like this blog, and I would lose all of my formatting–the fun patchwork of images that is my blog home would be gone. And I’m just not ready to do that.

Ablation 2011

Ablation 2011

So, I figured out how to link the two! I know to all you wordpress gurus out there this all seems so la-tee-da, but for me I feel like I am fulfilling one of my goals for this year which is to be TECHY.

Yeah! Me. Whoever thought becoming a computer geek would feel so good.

And the best thing is if tomorrow I don’t like my home page, well, I just change it. Right now my home page features a nice selection of blue quilts. Just like this blog post.

Force Field 2012

Force Field 2012

I’d love for you to visit the new site. I hope you like it.

Thank you for stopping by!

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13 thoughts on “www.mariashell.com

  1. Go girl go! Isn’t it amazing? -the freedom of being in control of your own web destiny!!! Woohoo- you did it.

    I have many things to figure out about my blog but am so happy with Kim. You have inspired me to keep going.

  2. pmgarrett2 on said:

    sweetie you are my hero. I am loving the blue…

    patricia garrett, lcsw box 671643 chugiak, ak 99567 907-854-7288

    Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 03:14:42 +0000 To: pmgarrett@hotmail.com

  3. Your new site it is wonderful….and worth the sweat and tears and hard work! I will be in Houston Tuesday-Saturday….and looking forward to meeting you in person not just over the internet!

  4. Wow….this is a stunning site! Major milestone…..congrats!


  5. What a wonderful milestone Maria… like turning 21 or getting married – you have taken the steps and achieved a terrific goal. Be very proud!!! Congrats too for working with Kin at ARTBIZ… how wonderfully swift you were able to master the great new website with her help… Will be following regularly! Hope to take your lead and create a new website for ME – just retired! I will be contacting Kim…
    Bethany Garner in Kingston ON Canada
    SAQA Central Canada Rep

    • Bethany- Thank you so much. You are right it is like getting your drivers license. Kim is great to work with. I wish you the best on your retirement and your website!

  6. I’m so impressed Maria! I love the clean look and your work just shines! Congrats for jumping in and making this happen for YOU.

    Much Love, -s

  7. Maria you were and are a pleasure to work with. You mastered the self hosted version of WordPress like a pro. If you can use wordpress.com it’s not a big stretch to use wordpress.org.

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