Artful Oven Mitts

For almost two months, I have been trying to get a new patch of oven mitts made. I hate to admit how much time it takes to quilt each individual mitt–way too much time. But there is something special about these mitts, so I keep making them. They are great gifts that are fun to look at and to use.

Maria Shell Oven Mitts 1Here is how I make my mitts. First, I piece together a very large–about 4 feet by 8 feet–“quilt” of vintage upholstery fabric. Yes, I have a collection of vintage upholstery fabric. There are a lot upholstery scraps out there waiting to be put to good use, and I am a channel for that. You can use any fabric you like.

I back my mitts with denim. You can use old denim from jeans if you are making individual mitts. I use yardage. I have been lucky in finding denim yardage at the thrift store several times, and my mother-in-law once gave me a bolt of denim. After all these years of making mitts, I have almost finished that bolt.

In between the denim and the upholstery fabric is a layer of Insul-Bright. There are other products out there like Insul-Bright that work just as well, but I have a bolt of this, so I use it. The main thing with this batting layer is that it must protect your hand from burning–so look for products that do that. In the past I have used two layers of Insul-Bright, but nowdays I use only one.

Insul-BrightIf you were going to make a pair of mitts on your domestic machine you would make a small quilt sandwich like this which is about 10 1/2” by 15”. You would quilt it just like any other quilting project.

Single Oven Mitt FabricOnce you have made two of these, you would take your pattern and put it RIGHT SIDE UP on your fabric, then mark around it with a Sharpie. Cutting Out MittsYou would do this again but with the pattern WRONG SIDE UP. Cut these out, stitch, bind, and you’ve got a mitt!

Maria Shell Oven MittBecause I make these in batches, I use my long arm quilting machine aka Priscilla.

Maria Shell Quilt Oven MittsMaria Shell Oven MittsOnce I have quilted this large blanket of upholstery fabric, I use a Sharpie to draw outlines of the mitt all over the fabric. As I do this, I must flip the pattern so that half of what I get is the outside of a mitt and the other half is the inside of a mitt. Once, I cut only outsides! Which meant I had no mitts at all.

Maria Shell Cutting out mittsCutting Up Oven MittsTo keep track of how many outside mitts versus inside mitts I have, I cut as I go–this gives me a visual tally of outsides to insides.

Cut up Oven MittsOne four foot by eight foot upholstery quilt yields about 18- 20 mitts. I do try and position the pattern so that I get interesting fabric combinations on my mitts which results in a little bit of waste, but I am okay with that.

Maria Shell Oven MittsSeveral years ago, I had Chris Arend do a photo shot of my mitts. I love what he did.

This is my 100th post on Tales of a Stitcher. Can you believe it? In celebration of this, I am giving away my personal oven mitt pattern complete with instructions to the first 100 individuals who post here and then email me their address.

These mitts are the perfect way to practice quilting AND make great gifts for your loved ones.

Thank you all for your interest in my Artful Oven Mitt pattern. I am no longer giving this pattern away for free, but if you are interested in having a pattern you can buy a hard copy ($12 which includes shipping) or a PDF ($10) by following this link.

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  1. Ah yes. Your mitts. Somehow mine didn’t make it to Hawaii but my kids still have theirs. Love your fabric combos.

  2. Great pix, awesome mitts!

  3. OH WOW, your mitts are so cute and a free pattern is very generous. Thanks for the gift!

  4. These are beautiful!

  5. Lauren Strach on said:

    What a great and creative idea! I have the perfect heavy fabric… Lauren

  6. What a great idea! I, too, have been collecting upholstery fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love these mitts and great colors. I know I have Insul-Bright somewhere in my studio! You are very generous and a little crazy:).

  8. Great ideas! These are really cool!

  9. kristinshields on said:

    Great ideas! Love your mitts!

  10. maggie175 on said:

    I love them !!! They’re just darling!!

  11. Great oven mitts – so unique! I love the photo shoot and the way they look all “posed” together.

  12. What a great idea! You are so creative! These look so fun!

  13. Norma Schlager on said:

    Your oven mitts are fabulous, but I don’t think I could bear to use them and get them dirty. I, too, love the picture of them all standing at attention.

  14. They look so cute all lined up in rows! Congratulations on 100 posts!

  15. These are great! I’ve been needing some for a while now, but really didn’t know the best way to make them. Thanks so much and those pictures are so cute! 100 posts–woo hoo!

  16. I love your mitts and have them proudly displayed in my studio!

  17. I love your mitts! And I would love the pattern! Congrats on the 100th post.

  18. I love my mitts and they wash up just great! Nice post, Maria! Great pics.

  19. pmgarrett2 on said:

    I would like to buy six oven mitts for Christmas and birthday gifts? what is the plan? love, gma patt

    patricia garrett, lcsw box 671643 chugiak, ak 99567 907-854-7288

    Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 21:33:27 +0000 To:

  20. Wow Maria they are so fun and vibrant! I love them ! I’m in progress with a Christmas stocking for a grandchild right now, and I know what you mean about Left & Right….I’ve made my oooops cut on the lining fabric thankfully! I see lots of people wanting to purchase these! They would make lovely Christmas gifts for the household that has “everything”…. You could sell on an ETSY store, that is for sure….Loving the concept of upholstery fabric. I have some beautiful (BOLTS) of designer decorator fabric that was gifted to me; but not anything I could use “around the house”….this helps me with a use! 🙂
    Mary –

  21. Colleen on said:

    Your mitts are wonderful. I am replying late so will be on the hunt for a mitt pattern. I already have a list of friends to make mitts for.

  22. Great Idea for gifts!!

  23. What a great idea. Can you use quilting cotton, or must it be heavyweight upholstery fabric?

    • Janet- I use mid-weight upholstery fabric, but any fabric natural fiber fabric will work. The thicker fabrics will last longer. I wouldn’t use anything that might actually melt. Thank you for stopping by!

  24. Whoops! Forgot my email address.
    Janet Windsor

  25. fraley smith on said:

    inspirational, I love them. I have been thinking of making stockings for my family on my long arm for years. In my mind I would use similar methods,(I didn’t think to make yardage from upholstery scraps). Love, love, love it. now after seeing your oven mits it is time to get of my bum and just do it.

  26. Linda Potter on said:

    Would love a pattern for these wonderful mitts! What a great gift idea!

  27. Great mitts,and great gifts. I love that you quit them on the long arm!

  28. fabulous project for this time of year!!!

  29. Those are stunning! I would LOVE this pattern!

  30. Thank you folks for posting on my blog and helping me celebrate my 100th post. I’ve tried to contact all of you about sending you a mitt pattern. If you did not get an email from me and do want a pattern, please email me your address. Thank you!

  31. Sandy johns on said:

    I love this idea… is fabulous.

  32. Great and colorful idea! If the pattern is still available I’d love it! Cheers!

  33. Pam Rasanen on said:

    Maria I am not a quilter but would love to purchase some of these magnificent mitts for Christmas gifts. How can I do this!!?? Love, Cousin Pam

  34. Jane Lighthall on said:

    Jane Lighthall on Nov 19th.
    I am so glad I stumbled onto your oven mitt post. How gorgeous are your mitts! Thanks for sharing your technique.

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  36. colleen Konetzni on said:

    You are nutty! But I would just love to have the pattern and I too will continue the effort!
    Colleen K

  37. Janie Schulz on said:

    Those ovenmitts are more than delightful. How generous of you to share the pattern.
    I have been following your trips for a couple of years now and enjoy reading about them, esp. like hearing about the summer classes.

  38. Tessera Brooks on said:

    Hello, what a generous offer! I would love to have your oven mitt pattern. I am already imagining the mitts I will make…

  39. I loved reading about your Oven Mitt Woes! How do we get ourselves in these situations? I’d love a pattern if one of the additional 75 are available. Dianne (friend of Colleen K. in Grand Rapids)

  40. Anne Sigler, NJ on said:

    Wow! I love your story and your oven mitts. I sure would like a pattern so I can be a bit crazy, too.

  41. Phylis Barfooy on said:

    these are really cool! Time to update the kitchen . . . 🙂

  42. I see a few more peeps from that creative Canadian island!

  43. I would love a mitt pattern. I have some Marimekko fabric that will make some fabulous mitts. My address in on the contact page of my website. ;^)

  44. lauranorthcarolina on said:

    I have the insulbrite already, just have to get busy cutting and sewing. Your mitts are adorable!

  45. If you’re still giving the mitt pattern away, I’d love to get one! My email is

  46. I would love to remember you here in Brazil, but it might be very expensive to ship international… Anyway! It is a great and kind idea! Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. thanks for the delightful idea for gifts. I would love to have the pattern

  48. Cathy Torrence on said:

    These are great works of art! I would love to make some, and recieve one! I recently helped my sewing group make 100 fabric grocery bags for the food bank and salvation army thanksgiving blessing food giveaway. they weren’t this pretty, but made me feel good. Cathy

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