It is in the Mail!

Yep. Yesterday, I mailed about 25 oven mitt patterns to locations throughout the U.S. and to one very crafty Canadian island.

Only one of you mentioned that I was a bit crazy for doing this, and in hindsight you ALL should have told me that this was crazy idea. Or as my middle son put it, “Mom, you really should think about things before you offer to do them.”

Maria Shell Oven Mitts 1As a small recap, here is what happened. For my 100th blog post, I wrote about making oven mitts and I invited you to post a comment saying you would like my oven mitt pattern. I would then send the first 100 commenters patterns.

That sounds simple enough, right?

Well, the first snag is that many of you have three very separate identities. You have your given name, your email address, and the name you use to post on blogs. These can all be very similar, in which case, I can figure things out. Or they can be very different. It which case, I have turn into a super sleuth to track you down. This would not have been an issue if I had responded immediately to each request, but I did not. I let them pile up into a confusing maze of lost identities.

Okay, I got that sorted out. Next it was on to tweaking the supply list and the instruction sheet for the pattern. This was not difficult. I have taught this pattern many times. A few clicks of my mouse, and I am printing out 25 copies of a home-made but tasteful pattern. Looking good.

Now for the moment when things go awry. I decided that because the mitt is too big to print on regular sized paper, that I would trace, cut, and hand notate each pattern.

Maria Shell Oven Mitt PatternBasically, the first 25 of you got limited edition hand drawn patterns. That took all afternoon.

Maria Shell Oven Mitt PatternIn the middle of this, I stopped to sort all of my writing utensils. This was momentarily comforting.

Maria Shell ScribblesMaria Shell PensAs I was improving my hand printing skills–I had decided that was how I was going to look at this situation–I began to think about ways to streamline. How could I systemize this process? Good question.

Oven Mitt SuppliesPatterns in EnvelopsWhen I went to the post office yesterday, I talked to my Postmaster about my reality. If I had used a 1/2” SMALLER envelop WITHOUT a clasp, my shipping costs would be cut in half. Now, that is good to know. I stocked up on the stamps I needed, and now I no longer need to go to the post office to mail these babies. I like these holiday Forever Stamps.

Holiday Forever StampsFrom there, I went to Office Max and walked across a sheet of ice in my sexy momma boots. Yes, I too question the wisdom of that move. But these boots are really cute and surprisingly stable on rough terrain.

Sexy Momma BootsDid I mention yet that it was REALLY cold yesterday? The high was five. Here is documentation of eight in morning–cold and dark.

It is cold outsideAt Office Max, I bought the right envelops, and I printed out 100 copies of the supply list, instructions, and mitt. Here’s the booty.

New system for mailing mitt patternsNow that I am fully systematized, I welcome the next 75 requests for the oven mitt pattern. Bring it on. Just go to my 100th post and let me know you want one.

I am weirdly interested in sending out the entire 100. It feels like a Christmas give away to me, and I am enjoying that feeling. It is not only about the 100th post, but it is also about giving back to the universe of makers in a small way.

It brings me joy, and that is a good thing.

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24 thoughts on “It is in the Mail!

  1. Thanks for the oven mitt pattern – and all the work it took!!! Extra cookies for you when you come!!!!

  2. This post made me laugh! So now I *will* say it – you are crazy! I’m looking forward to receiving my pattern. Thanks for all you did to make it happen.

  3. Gosh, I feel honored, and humbled….I sent 1 prize out to a fairly new reader on my 100th blog, and never even heard if she got it or liked it or anything. I’m telling you now I KNOW I will love the pattern. Especially with all the work involved, I will give it a place of honor in my sewing room. Still rearranging my workspace…and often do the pencil shuffle/cleanup when the brain shuts off! I let a perfectly good day (high 55) get away from me and stayed inside….I have to go outside to the garage and upstairs to sew. I am so impressed with you giving away so many and for making the trek in the cold! 🙂

  4. Oh my, Maria, you are a never ending source of joy! Thank you so much for all of the heart felt work you put in to the first batch, I know the creatives in this little Canadian island really appreciate the ridiculousness of hand work. I am going to make owls and oven mitts in solidarity! I am guilty of being one of those with three identities, and I’m going to rectify that. It’s on my to~do list.

  5. Lauren Strach on said:

    As the lucky receipient of one of the customized 25, all I can say, is Bless your Heart! And, I love the boots!

  6. Maria, I LOVE those boots. Want ’em. Also mucho interested in the mitt pattern! Stay warm, hon. Love reading your blog. Love YOU!

  7. archytech on said:

    Oh I hope I’m one of the top 25! Thank you so much for doing this it really is appreciated and I can’t wait to start making my own mitts for Christmas gifts, because I’m also crazy!

  8. Made me laugh! I’ll treasure the oven mitt pattern, especially for all your hard work! Perhaps you should run some of your schemes by your practical-sounding son. He sound like a character. Thanks again, denny

  9. Maria
    You are too amazing–and very, very amusing! I would love to have one of your oven mitt patterns–it will remind me of your beautiful energy whenever I make one. Hugs, Valerie

  10. You made my night-always perseverant. Love the boots and looking forward to my pattern. Thanks in advance for all your hard work.

  11. Thanks, in advance, for the pattern. I’m eagerly watching my mailbox so I can start all those Christmas gifts. Sorry about the cold. It’s 75 here in Tucson.

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  13. It may be crazy, but it’s a GREAT crazy!! I love the pattern, and now that all the vests and dresses and mug rugs are out of the way, I can make one or ten of these babies. THANK YOU for the pattern!!! It came right after Christmas, so now I’m ready to go. 😆

    • Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I bet you can remission all kinds of things into oven mitts

      • I have – literally! – one drawer completely FULL of scraps. My mind just goes all scrappy-doodle thinking about the endless combinations. Woo hoo – this is the kind of stuff that makes me sing!! 😀

  14. Sarah Clark on said:

    Mariacshell.. I would love to get this oven mitt pattern, it brings back memories of my childhood when my grandma made oven mitts! I have some great vintage fabric that would work great as a oven mitt!

  15. Penny Stern on said:

    When reading your blog about the oven mitts I thought you were going to say you fell especially in those sexy boots and goodness you didn’t! when are we going to hear about China ?

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