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Honestly, it is all I think about right now. No, not Thanksgiving, although I am very grateful for all I have. I really do have a good good life. And thank you dear readers for being a part of what makes it so good.

Nope, all I can think about is Object Runway.

Object Runway is a play on the popular reality T.V. show Project Runway. On Project Runway, designers create runway looks based on challenges. Object Runway invites Alaskan artists to create wearable art out of whatever inspires them. And for one night only, all of those creations walk a runway built just for that purpose at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub here in Anchorage.

Object Runway 2013Walt and I attended the first three Object Runways. Each and every one of them was full of energy and creativity and every year, I said, “Next year, I’m going to enter.” Finally, last year I did it. I can honestly say that the only thing more fun than attending Object Runway is participating in Object Runway.

I made my model Beth Norlund a felted wool patchwork garment and headpiece in shades of blue.

Beth Nordllund wearing ArctiCoutoure by Maria ShellBeth was amazing on the runway. Here she is twirling the headdress.

Beth Norlund wearing ArctiCouture by Maria ShellAnd the judges awarded us fourth place. Here is my trophy to prove it.

Object Runway 4th Place 2013This is no easy feat as the competition features some of the best artists working in the state. This is one of the things that is so fascinating about Object Runway. Artists from ALL genres throw their work into the ring. The only requirement is that the work must be able to walk down the runway. You would think that my mad sewing skills would give me an advantage, but it doesn’t. Check it out.

Artists working in wood. Driftwood that is.

Object Runway Artists working in steel.

Object Runway 2013Artists working in manila envelopes. Can you imagine how many paper cuts went into making that dress? Get it? Cut the paper/paper cuts.

Object Runway 2013Artists working in cocktail straws.

Object Runway 2013And Artists working in twisty ties and plastic bags.

Object Runway 2013And that is just the beginning of the visual spectacle.

Object Runway Finalists 2013On November 17th, the  International Gallery for Contemporary Arts, who sponsers the event, opened the application process for being a designer. Less than a week later, all the spots were filled, and they closed the application process.

This year, I committed to walking THREE looks down the runway. Yikes. So that is why I am thinking and thinking and thinking about Object Runway.

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4 thoughts on “Get Your Object On

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  3. Sue Tague on said:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I thought they had discontinued this event.

  4. They did Sue. The post on my Facebook page is a Flashback. I am trying to share an old bog post every Friday. This is a post from November 2013. I WISH they would bring it back.

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