Mitt Making Mania

I am a very task orientated person. I like to define what I am going to do and then do it. I do not like for things to drag on, be in limbo, or half-finished. I love closure. But that’s not always how it goes, life is a work-in-progress. For every hill you get to the top of there is inevitably another one on the horizon. Tenacity is a virtue.

For months now, I have been trying to make a batch of oven mitts. I wrote about this in the Great Oven Mitt Pattern Give Away of 2013. Which by the way, I am still doing. Want a mitt pattern? Say something nice here on my blog, and I will send you one.

The truth is that I have plenty to do with out making a batch of mitts. So, why I am doing this you might ask? Well, because the lovely (I mean really lovely) ladies who own Blue Hollomon Gallery here in Anchorage asked me to make some.

Blue Hollomon GalleryGina Holloman and Georgia Blue–their names always remind me of 1940s movies stars–invited me to show my work at their gallery. They wanted quilts and mitts. And they especially wanted mitts for Christmas.

I started to make mitts, and then I went to Ohio. I started again, and then I went to Houston. I started again and again. Thanksgiving, parenting, teaching, blogging, mitt pattern mailing, who knows whatting. I just couldn’t get it done.

Finally, last week, I did it! I finished about 40 mitts. And I thought, what the heck. Might as well write one more blog post about these darn things. This is a visual tutorial to help you make mitts.

Make a quilt sandwich measuring approximately 15″ by 10″ using a sturdy liner fabric, insul-bright or other heat reflective batting, and the fabric you want for the outside of the mitt. Quilt this sandwich. Do this twice.

Oven Mitts by MCSUsing your pattern of choice, cut out a right side and a left side for your oven mitt.

Oven Mitts by MCSHere is my pile of mitt halves.

Oven Mitts by MCSPin two halves RIGHT sides together and stitch.

Oven Mitts by MCSTriple stitch the area between the thumb and fingers.

Oven Mitts by MCSTurn the mitt right side out.

Oven Mitts by MCSThis is hard to do. Use a screw drive to poke that thumb out.

Oven Mitts by MCSCut a piece of fabric 2” by 5” to make your hanging tab.

Oven Mitts by M ShellIron like this.

Oven Mitts by M. ShellFold one more time, iron again, and then top stitch the tab twice, just like you would for a belt loop on a pair of jeans. Here is my stash of tabs.

Oven Mitts by M ShellCut out your binding. The binding for my mitts measures 3” wide by 16 1/2” long with 45% cuts on both ends.

Oven Mitts by M. ShellPin like this.

Oven Mitts by M ShellStitch. Iron the seam open to reduce bulk.

Oven Mitts by M ShellFold in half with right sides out and iron.

Oven Mitts by M ShellHere is my stash of bindings.

Oven Mitts by M ShellPin your tab to the mitt. I space them out to reduce bulk.

Oven Mitts by M ShellPin your binding to the INSIDE of your mitt with the raw edges of the mitt aligned with the raw edges of the binding.

Oven Mitts by M ShellStitch. I use my Jeans Stitch foot to do this. If you don’t have a Jeans Stitch foot use your walking foot or other foot that is good for going through several layers of thickness.

Oven Mitts by MC ShellThen flip the binding over the edge of the mitt and top stitch it down.

Oven Mitts by MC ShellYou are done!

Oven Mitts by MC Shell

Mitts standing in rows.

Oven Mitts by MC ShellMitts crowded in a box.

Oven Mitts by MC ShellMitts at the Blue Holloman Gallery.

Blue Hollomon GalleryIf you live here in Anchorage, I invite you to visit the gallery and check them out in person. The gallery is FABULOUS. If you live outside and would like to buy some mitts visit my contact page and email me. Each mitt is one-of-a-kind and made from vintage upholstery fabric and repurposed denim. They are both decorative and functional. They are $60.00 a mitt.

The truth is I am now officially an oven mitt making factory. It’s part of what I do. I make mitts. I hope you like them.

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36 thoughts on “Mitt Making Mania

  1. Renata Pires on said:

    Great and fun job! Success!


  2. Ok you have spurred me on- I started last night but dragged it out. I will finish them so thanks for the push!

  3. Great post, Maria! You are an inspiration!

  4. Omg you are a wonder! And an oven mitt factory. And a genius.

  5. Oh I just love these!!! It’s like a little family of happy mitts!! I got 5 done; and have my next “piece” of fabric 26×56 ready to use! I had so much fun emptying out my baskets of quilt fabric scraps; joining them up and making the piece of fabric. I even wrote another blog about the process!

    I do have to say your assembly line makes mine look skimpy!! Congratulations on getting so many finished for your exibition!

  6. Reblogged this on stitchinggrandma and commented:
    My inspiration for my Production line comes from my friend Maria Shell!! Go check out her Artful Oven Mitts and her wonderful tutorial!

  7. Love you and love your mitts’
    I will plan a visit to Alaska just soIcan get some ….

  8. These are great! On my list for this week!

  9. Once again Maria, you are one amazing Mitt making lady and a hugely fun tutorial writer! I hope every one of your mitts sell and that Alaska artist shopper’s kitchens are decorated with your mitts framed up and on display for the ages… if I had one, mine would be! Appreciate all of your efforts to share a really terrific project.

  10. Nancy Norman on said:

    Hi Maria I was told to check out your blog by Barb Mortel on Denman Island, B.C. I was over visiting a friend and met up with Barb. She said you will be visiting in the summer. How great! Love your oven mitts. I will definitely try some. Not sure if there will be time before Christmas as it is coming so quickly now. I surprised my husband with a trip to Alaska June 2012 for his 60th birthday. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. I took so many pictures. Although I am not sure you feel that way at this time of the year with the storms. Keep warm this winter and happy quilting. Cheers, Nancy

  11. Your mitts are fabulous! I just love them.

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  13. Krissi Munn on said:

    They have a wonderful, Russian peasant feel. So full of color and vitality. I love them.

  14. Maria, your work is fab! Everyone on my list got theme-fabric potholders this year, and loved them. The problem was, as I found more cool fabrics in my stash, I had to come up with someone to make them for! I ended up making 30 all told, in pairs.
    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

    Linda Laird

  15. You are on the crest of the oven mitt wave! I am making some mitts from some delicious hand woven fabrics donated by a retired clothing maker. Thanks again for the pattern and the enthusiastic inspiration.

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  18. Maria C on said:

    Love, love, love these mitts! I’ve tried making mitts before, but the pattern included raw edges inside the mitt. Yuk. And, nowhere near the creative beauty of yours. I would LOVE to try your pattern out. Thank you for your generosity posting the tutorial.

  19. Thank you Maria! I would be happy to send you a pattern!

  20. I’m with Maria, would love to have the pattern. I need to put these on my to do list for Christmas this year. The colors are just too fun, it makes you want to cook. Thanks so much.

  21. Thank you Sandy, You got a pattern reserved. I will email you with details. Thank you!

  22. This mitts are brilliant! And a great way to use up pieces of fabric and batting I’m starting to accumulate. (I’m a beginning sewist, and am already realizing how much I hate to throw away perfectly good pieces of string and scraps, LOL.)

    • That really is the idea–use up your stuff! When I teach it as a class it is also a perfect lesson for piecing, then quilting, and finally binding. These mitts are really mini, 3D, quilts! Thank you for stopping by!

  23. II happened on the mitts very recently and love them. So many scraps waiting for a purpose. I would love to have the pattern. Thanks so much.

  24. Gloria Byers on said:

    What s great idea you have given me. Also a LA quilter. I could join some orphen. Blocks quilt them up and have totally unique oven mitts. You are a genius. Thanks for sharing the directions.

  25. I’m inspired! I’ve already made 12 or so potholders for gifts, but t Inlve these mitts! I’d love the pattern.

  26. I’ve already made 2 aprons and 12 potholders for gifts, but your mitts have inspired me! I’d love the pattern.

  27. Sarah vaughn on said:

    I love your blog and really love this bright oven mitt project! How can I get the pattern?

  28. Debbie Sheldon on said:

    I love your oven mitt, very colorful & fun. I would love a copy of your pattern.

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