Image Journal #1

The darkest moment of December

Maria Shell Made lighter with flowers from a friend. (Apparently slightly crazy people deserve flowers. Who knew that? I certainly didn’t.)

Maria ShellOne of the best Value Village finds ever. Thank you Thrift Store Fairies

Maria ShellSeven quilts back from the photographer and posted on my website.

Solar Blue by Maria Shell20 hours of quilting and still not done. My right shoulder would prefer to be doing other things.

Maria ShellTransformation through art and garbage–I really hope you will watch this movie.

Waste LandAn old quilt crawls out of storage and onto the design wall–ready for next week’s stitching adventures.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellEach Sunday evening I will attempt to recap the week in short prose and images. I hope you like this idea. I think it is going to be a fun one. Maybe you will even join in? On your blog or in your private journal. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed trying to recreate my week in images.

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7 thoughts on “Image Journal #1

  1. Merry Christmas Maria! I love the lines-triangles-squares on your website. Mesmerizing! Thanks to your pattern, I have made a total of 11 Artful Oven Mitts. Trhee have been given as gifts and were well received. I have “just enough” of my “made” fabric to do a flat pot holder…hoping for a 7×9. Wish I had taken a “GROUP” photo before I wrapped them up! Next project….hexi’s as a topper for a pin cushion! Made about 50 while I was traveling this past week…needed to do “something” with them!
    Thanks for all your artful inspiration. Your art is so very interesting and I enjoy seeing it. I like your idea of a weekly recap!

  2. Love the recap, I look forward to checking them out each week. I have to confess I didn’t get any closer to potholders than buying the special batting and pulling out some fabric. 🙁 Just can’t do everything!

  3. Nancy Norman on said:

    Merry Christmas Maria Thank you for the oven mitt pattern. It arrived today. Can’t wait to try them but it will be in the new year. Loved the pictures of winter solstice. All the best in the New Year, Nancy

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