Image Journal #7

The week started with the sad news Pete Seeger had passed away. I love his music and his convictions. He was truly a man who walked the talk–or maybe you could say walked the song.

Pete SeegerPete SeegerPete SeegerI sent a big box of quilts to the Wiseman Gallery in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Maria Shell QuiltsAnd they sent me this sweet show announcement.

Maria Shell Quilt Show Announcement

Okay, that is the cropped version of the announcement. All about me, right?  Here is the real one.

Art of The Grid Show Announcement for Maria ShellThe Art of the Grid by Maria ShellLow sky equals hoarfrost on human heads. Saturday’s walk was good and cold.

Anchorage Feb 1 2014HoaryfrostI forgot to take pictures of me dropping my designs off at the IGCA for the Object Runway gallery show this month, but I did buy a very cute t-shirt from last year’s show. (Tripp feels I should keep Gertrude clothed.)

Object Runway 2013It is Super Bowl Sunday for every one but me. All of the testosterone in our house is watching the game while eating things smothered in cheese. My husband, a perpetually disappointed Kansas City Chiefs fan, is using this opportunity–in his own words–to celebrate every mistake the Broncos make.

Instead of watching modern day gladiators, I have been staring at this for almost 12 hours. Moving right along.

Maria Shell Quilt in progressI am beginning to understand what a hurdler’s life is like. You just keep jumping and jumping–eventually the landscape has got to change. I am hoping that by the end of the next week my arms go from here

Maria Shell Quiltingto here.

OzzyAnd finally, the horrible news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. I have loved his work since Boogie Nights. This is a tragic loss of human creativity, and makes me very sad.

Philip Seymor HoffmanPhilip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour HoffmanTake care of yourself people.

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8 thoughts on “Image Journal #7

  1. If drugs don’t getcha, old age will. Mourning over both talented guys today. Your poster is fabulous and I love seeing the back of the boys even if they con’t turn around. Their duct (dynasty?) tape is fun. Superbowl was a drag. Good thing you had your quilting. Carole

  2. Nice blog post, Maria. Yes, I too, feel the the loss of two talented individuals. Pete, his music and his politics are part of who I am. Philip S H was a huge talent. Like so many of our most creative, he tried to self medicate against his demons and lost. We’ve lost, too.

    Super Bowl. I’m sports illiterate and my response to the question all day, was, “game, what game?”,

    I’m glad you spent your day creating more beauty for us to enjoy. The show announcement is lovely!

    Have a productive and healthy week!

  3. Nice photo’s today Maria. Glad you had those hours to quilt while the manly men did their sports thing. I mourn the musician, who lived to a ripe old age. I disdain the actor who abused himself with drugs. The media coverage amazes me. How can the media be shocked, how can the “hollywoods” be shocked when drug abuse is so prevalent in films today, and is part of the ‘hollywood’ culture; always wanting a higher high. I think it is very sad that a person can not find a way to be happy and fulfilled without ingesting poison. None of it makes them “better actors or artists”. The young singer Justin is headed down this road unless someone takes hold of him quickly. Sad;….

    • I know Mary. I have been thinking a lot about why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s life ended this way. I think the pressure of being in the public’s eye would be very hard to handle. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Pete Seeger’s work too. I hope your week is off to a productive start.

  4. cathybert on said:

    Hi Maria, I received your pattern and instructions! Thank you so much for your trouble. Love how this piece is looking. Stay warm. Blessings and a big hug from Alabama! Cathy Bertanzetti

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