Duct Tape Thimble

I have been doing a LOT of hand sewing lately. Over the years, I have tried all kinds of thimbles. My favorite store-bought thimble is a leather one, but I keep blowing them out.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleOnce, while out in McCarthy, I forgot to bring a thimble, and Walt suggested I make one out of Duct Tape. Since then, I tend to prefer the Duct Tape version to a store bought one.

Duct Tape is a very versatile materiel.  It can be used for mending, building, and fixing just about anything. Just the other day, I saw a Duct Tape fender on a car.

You, too, can make your very one Duct Tape thimble.

Select your favorite Duct Tape.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleI have found that the fancy new colored ones and the non-Duct Tape brand versions are not as strong as  your classic silver Duct Tape, but they do work, and they do allow you to make a personal statement.

Cut a two inch by three strip of the Duct Tape.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleMake two cuts each about an inch into the tape on the long side, so that it looks like this.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleThen make a cut on each short side and remove those two bits to create this shape.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimblePlace your finger on the sticky side of the tape.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleWrap the two short sides around it.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleTake the last bit of tape and mold it over the the top of your finger. Viola.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleIf you are using a off brand, colored, or printed Duct Tape, you might want to repeat the process to create a thicker thimble. At first the Duct Tape thimble will be adhered to your finger, but as you stitch, the adhesive will wear off, and you will be able to easily take the thimble on and off.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleWe have a very large Duct Tape collection. We actually have a Duct Tape and Sharpie box.

Maria Shell Duct Tape Thimble These are probably the most used art supplies in our house. Tripp likes to make Duct Tape armor as well as build Duct Tape buildings out of cardboard, and Boppers are a constant in our lives. What are Boppers?

They are swimming noodles cut to your preferred size.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimblePVC pipe, cut to size and inserted into the swimming noodle’s center.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleMaria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleDuct Tape. Lots of Duct Tape. And here you are. You now have bopper.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleWhich means you can do this for hours on end.

Maria Shell Duct Tape ThimbleI think I will stick with the thimble, but it is nice to know that with Duct Tape you have so many creative options.

I googled Duct Tape and could not believe all the wackiness going on out there.

Do you have a Duct Tape story or tip? Please do share.

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11 thoughts on “Duct Tape Thimble

  1. Boys, boys, boys…love the picture of the guys with boppers!

  2. Snort! Lugs me some duck tape!

  3. Made a water bottle/duct tape raft on a cruise one year, going to Hawaii. Had to float a case of beer across the pool, and it worked!!! It was huge!!! Before pretty duct tape was invented, so it was just silver…but hey, it was the beer/thought that counted!

  4. Duct tape Dynasty for sure.

  5. Shared this blog link today on Facebook – Quilt Along with Pat Sloan – group. A group member had a discussion going about thimbles, and I remembered your great post, the fun tapes you used. 🙂

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