Crow Barn Week Five-Part Two

In yesterday’s blog post, I was half way through a Sets and Variables III class with Nancy Crow at the Crow Barn.

I had just been told to start over. And so I did.

Here is my new sketch. Instead of going and making smaller bits, I went bigger and blew up my motif. This was a much better decision. I think it’s going work.

Maria Shell Fruit SaladI went down a blue path for a while. I can’t remember now what that was about.

Maria Shell Fruit SaladPart of why I write this blog is to tell stories and entertain you. I really do hope I make you laugh at times. It is for this reason I am including these photos. They are a little bit embarrassing, but just too funny not to share. I am not even sure who took them, but if you have ever had to give a presentation at the Barn you will identify with the array of emotions I display.

The small blue bits on the wall became Ablation.

Ablation by Maria ShellA large neutrals bits became Birch Woods Glimmer.

Birch Woods Glimmer by Maria ShellBy the end of the week, I was here.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellAlmost from the beginning, I’ve called this quilt Fruit Salad.

Fruit SaladIt always makes me think of the bounty of August, and all the good things available to eat that time of year. It is a sister to this quilt called Berry Picking.

Berry Picking by Maria ShellBerry Picking by Maria ShellOver the past three years, I have taken Fruit Salad out of its box and put it up on the design wall many times.

Because I have been working on a Color Grid series, I kept thinking I needed to rigidly grid the quilt out like this.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellBut that never really felt right. Finally, I came to the conclusion that some quilts are not a part of a larger series. And that is OKAY.

In fact, when I once again put Fruit Salad up on the wall this winter. I decided–this quilt is done. Do it. Stitch it up.

IMG_1718Since starting Fruit Salad, I have decided I do not like the edges of my quits to be loose or wavy. At this point, Fruit Salad is no where near a true rectangle.

A painted canvas may have all kinds of wild gestural marks on it, but the edges are clean and firm. And that is what I want for my quilts as well. So I needed to take Fruit Salad and clean up the edges. This is never a fun task.

I had to rebuild the quilt and create cleaner lines. Some sections were gently trimmed down, while others were expanded.

To recreate the new and improved lines, I first remove the stitching. Then I cut the new  line. Here I have cut the new line on the red, green, and black portion of the quilt. I then use that new line as my ruler.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellI pin the line in place on top of the purple fabric.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellI cut using the red, green, and black fabric as my ruler/new line.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellI stitch the new line into place and repeat the process until the quilt’s outer edges are firm, strong, and clean.

Here are the remains of that work.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellNext is quilting.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellTwo views of the backside.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellFruit Salad by Maria ShellFinally, Fruit Salad is finished.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellAnd ready to be hung at the Bunnell Street Arts Center for Cut Stitch Press.

Fruit Salad by Maria ShellAnother quilt story with a happy ending.  I hope to get better pictures at the opening tonight.

PS I’m sharing this post on Nina-Marie’s Blog where you can find out what stitchers from around the world have been doing this week.

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24 thoughts on “Crow Barn Week Five-Part Two

  1. Have a wonderful time at the opening!

  2. Maria… you continue to amaze and make me smile so widely with your stories. LOVE the new FRUIT SALAD… congrats and have fun at the opening. Fingers crossed it will not be a hectic and weather focused as you last!!!

    • Thank Bethany! I’m glad you enjoy the stories. For me, a big part of this blog is entertainment. And if I can make people smile, I am doing it right. Thank you very much for your support and comments–they mean a lot to me.

  3. Norma Schlager on said:

    There is so much going on here I don’t know where to begin. All that color, all that fabulous quilting! Wonderful!

  4. Thank you for posting Part 2, I was on tenterhooks waiting for the outcome! I love the colours in Fruit Salad, you are a master with the hues. <3 Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy your show, what a thrill.

  5. Sue Tague on said:

    Love the fruit salad quilt..Happy Valentines day!

  6. I love your ‘Fruit Salad’ piece! The color combinations are great! How are you doing with the feedback to start over? Do you like studying with Nancy?

    • Cay- I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Nancy for the past four years. Under her tutelage, I have grown in directions I never even would have conceived of doing without her guidance. She is a force with very strong opinions about art, composition, and quilt making. It can be brutal when you are going in a direction she does not agree with–but her eye is so keen that almost ALL of the time she is right. And while it hurts at the time, you get over it, and chances are the critique will push you to make something beyond your imagination,and that is always worth the pain.

  7. I love it! Reading your post is almost as good as being there! Ahhhh, good times…

    I love Fruit Salad. The palette is yummy and the graphics are amazing!

    Enjoy your opening!

  8. Success. All elements of composition here to prove it in Fruit Salad. Hard to choose from them all but it is one of my favorites of all.

    • Its one of my new favorites too. It’s helping me remember that bigger bolder lines and use of color can be quite successful. Not everything has be cut into a million pieces, although I like to do that too. Thank you Carole!

  9. Oh what a difference those little slivers of fabric make … once they’re gone …

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  11. donaleek on said:

    Maria, your stories about NC are a riot!! I began my quilt journey 2.5 years ago, and I studied with NC for 2 weeks in the fall and now I’m scheduled for 3 more this year…. I can’t wait! Your stories just crack me up, I’m supposed to creating a piece for our class with Lisa, and instead I’m glued to your blog…. just laughing right out loud. You make me smile, thanks for the break.

  12. donaleek on said:

    OH, I meant to tell you how much I love your work!! Fruit Salad is a true beauty…..

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