Image Journal #13

We had a great Spring Break in McCarthy.

IMG_4485I beat my family AND Zac Barrett not once but TWICE at Monopoly. I’m one of the 8% who believe that the iron is the best token. I am not imPRESSED with you Scottie fans.

Unknown-2Although if the iron has to be replaced, I am happy that it’s a cat.

monopoly-cat-3_4A tidy spice cabinet and burnables bin is always a good thing.

IMG_4377Back in Anchorage, we were greeted with a  doozy of a snow storm.

IMG_4523IMG_4524IMG_4525A blogging friend from Australia sent me this AMAZING piece of art. What a wonderful surprise. I feel very lucky to have made friends through writing this blog. Thank you.

IMG_4540Five Fleece Flannel blankets completed. Seven more to go.

IMG_4569I know this isn’t a food blog, but I made fresh rolls and that always makes me feel kind of special. Do you know what I mean? I love people who make fresh rolls.

IMG_4551Here are two of my design walls.

IMG_4527And now look what is behind them.

IMG_4534Walt built me new shelves! Flooring and quilt storage and this studio remodel will be complete. If you’d like to see the full transformation of my studio, you can by clicking here.

Next week adventures in stitching will include the aforementioned Fleece Flannel blankets along with stitching some of these minis up.

IMG_4563I also hope to make a cozy Coco smock to wear on a road trip to Talkeetna next weekend. Do you have any fun sewing plans for the week? I’d love to hear about them.

IMG_4555Everyone is feeling under the weather around here, I bet it has something to do with Spring Break ending in just a few hours. Poor babies.

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2 thoughts on “Image Journal #13

  1. Glad you are safely back from spring break..Not much new here, although we have had a few days that hint of spring.Your studio shelves look great! Hugs and love to all.

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