Image Journal #17

Everyone does their taxes on a ironing board, right? I am so glad that’s over with for another year. It was great to take three business related trips this year, but the receipt avalanche was not. Maria Shell Image Journal #17After all that number crunching, I rewarded myself with a new pattern. Indie patterns are frequently only available via computer download. I have been resisting this. I don’t want to print out a bunch of sheets of paper and then tape them together to make a pattern. Maria Shell Image Journal #17But I did. And I am very happy with the results. This is my version of the Scout Woven T-shirt by Grainline Patterns. Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17Next up, I think I will marry this pattern to this fabric. Wish me luck. The first time I tried to do this, Kato-the-Cat barfed all over the fabric. Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17We lowered the blackout curtain in our bedroom. Just another small sign that spring is on its way. Maria Shell Image Journal #17Fletcher, our oldest, turned 16 on the 12th. I asked him to pose for a few photos. This is what I got. Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17Maria Shell Image Journal #17For his sixth grade building project, Ozzy decided to build a replica of the Old Hardware Store in downtown McCarthy, Alaska.Maria Shell Image Journal #17He got a Paw Print Award for his efforts. Maria Shell Image Journal #17Which reminds me. The Hardware Store is where the Wrangell Mountains Center is located. I’m having a little fundraiser at my house for this fine non-profit educational institution on Friday, April 25th. Good music, good food, and good peps all for a good cause. I invite you to join us. Come on, how many times do I have to ask you before you’ll say yes? Maria Shell Image Journal #17Thank you all for stopping by. I wish each of you a great week of sunny spring goodness.

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  1. Love the latest T-shirt combo and the pics of the boys. How grown up everyone has become behind my back. Wish we could all be in Boulder together. Carole

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