Image Journal #19

It was a down on my knees scrubbing, up on a ladder dusting and everything in between week of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Here is my studio last week.

Image Journal #19And here is the zen clean studio of this week. Every year, I tell myself I won’t let my studio go to the weeds, but I do. I am trying to reprogram myself to be completely annoyed by mess. Clean is so beautiful.

Image Journal #19I think everyone had a good time at this year’s fundraiser. The numbers have not been tabulated yet, but it looks like we raised more than four thousand dollars for the Wrangell Mountains Center.

Image Journal #19Image Journal #19This money will be used to run quality arts, science, and environmental educational programming out in the Wrangells. If you want to see a complete list of our programing for the summer season, you can by clicking here.

Last year we had canning workshops with master gardener Mark Vail. Who also just happens to have woven the tapestry in the background. Amazing.

Image Journal #19Arts programming for children. These kids are writing a field journal about plants in our neighborhood.

Image Journal #19Public readings and much, much more.

Image Journal #19After all that cleaning, it felt good to get back into the studio and sew. One of these skirts is made of rayon and spandex by MAX STUDIO the other is made of black Italian wool jersey drafted and stitched by ME. Can you tell which is which?

Image Journal #19Image Journal #19Image Journal #19Image Journal #19My next sewing experiment is moving right along. I hope to hack this t-shirt pattern by Sewaholics.

Image Journal #19And morph it into a shrug inspired by this cut up wool one.

Maria Shell Image Journal #19I made one of these for Jessica for Object Runway.

Maria Shell Image Journal #19And now, I hope I can make a version for myself.

Maria Shell Image Journal #19The Alaska State Council on the Arts Statewide Arts and Culture Conference Latitude: 2014 Arts Convergence is next week. Maria Shell Image Journal #19I am a partner artist for this event. What does that mean? Well, I will try and tell you in the next few days, but I will give you a little hint now. It involves a sewing machine.

Are we ready for May and the launch of Project EveryDay? I think I am. I think I am.

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9 thoughts on “Image Journal #19

  1. Clean is beautiful. For me, I have to clean up the sewing room between projects. I just can NOT start again with a mess. I finished my “bunting” project and my cutting table is covered in scraps, the desk next to my machine is buried, and my table with my scrap bins is LOST under stuff….again. I should stay home and clean up, but that is not fun. Hubby has been under the weather for a few days, so I had no time to even play out in the sewing room, or pretend to clean up. Today I have about 4 hours of decent weather to finish some outside work…then the rain begins. I need to pack a couple of projects up “to go” for a “sit & sew” this week…. Love the skirts…can not tell which is which.

    • Mary- You are one busy stitching grandma! I hope you got decent weather for outdoor clean up and then some rain for sewing!

      • Thanks for stopping by to read. I am having lots of fun. Weather is perfect for gardens and sewing.

      • There are lots of quilting gardeners up here, and their studios end up with a thick of dust if the weather’s right. According to my husband, the our family gardener, we are way ahead schedule here. Planting is normally done Memorial Weekend, but he is planning on doing some work now if the weather holds.

  2. Studio looks great!! Congratulations on your fund raiser .Wish we could have been there.I know it’s a worthy cause.We have cancelled our plan to go to Boulder..just got to be too complicated.Will visit with Carole and Jer on their way through KC.Skirt looks great! It’s a good feeling to have a studio clean-up..I know ’cause I just had to clean up mine for book club..I doubt it will last long 🙂

  3. Angela Levy on said:


    I love all of the clothing and you are a great model. I hope you send out a pic a day foy may
    Log Angie

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