Image Journal #20

It took a few days, but I have recovered from the intensely wonderful experience of the Alaska State Council on the Arts Latitude 2014 Alaska Arts Conference. I wrote about this great Alaskan Arts Adventure here.

Maria Shell Image Journal #20I’ve been moving slowly this week. For the first time, since the year started, I felt like I could relax a bit. Plus it would just be plain wrong not to be celebrating this weather.

anc5day_largeI made another pair of pants that are okay, but not great.

Maria Shell Image Journal #20I made a t-shirt out of a men’s golfing shirt which I like, and that has made me think about how I gravitate towards so called masculine prints. What’s that about?

Maria Shell Image Journal #20I could tell you that this photo is about my new installation work which focuses on the need for women to wear sturdy shoes while they perform their daily domestic tasks,

Maria Shell Image Journal #20but that wouldn’t be true even though the photo does kind of read like that.

In reality, these are some of the treasures acquired during a Saturday morning of garage sale shopping in the sunshine with friends. I got a basically new pair of Danskos, an Italian percolator for the cabin, and a scone cutter for the Wrangell Mountains Center all for 20 bucks!

Today’s walk was cut short by a moose’s brunch. Maria Shell Image Journal #20My next sewing project is a reward for wrestling with that pants pattern.

Maria Shell Image Journal #20I want to share a early season photo of Walt’s front yard garden. I think you will all enjoy watching what happens in that dirt over the next two months. Maria Shell Image Journal #20I’m curious if any of you missed my weekly image journal last week? It is the first time I have not posted one since I started back in December. Did you wonder what happened, or were you grateful not to see another cute kitty photo of Kato?

Maria Shell Image Journal #20We are not big on holidays around here which meant I had to prompt everyone to tell me Happy Mother’s Day. The only one I could really make feel guilty was Ozzy, who made me this great card. I love it. It was totally worth it to cry a bit and get this card.

Maria Shell Image Journal #20Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there.

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  1. pmgarrett2 on said:

    very sweet.

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  2. Like the new top pattern! Happy belated Mother’s Day ! Seems like I needed to train my son better in the appreciate your wife and mother department!.You’re the best!

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