Image Journal #21

It was another busy beautiful week up here in Anchorage, Alaska. We’ve started walking in the evening. One of the many perks to this is that it puts us on the same time schedule as the moose who are moving back up the hillside for the evening. We saw a moose every time we walked last week.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21I’m not trying to brag, but our weather has been AMAZING, and next week looks pretty darn good as well.

anc5day_largeOn Tuesday I attended the Rasmusson Foundation’s Individual Artist Awards ceremony. Every year, they do it a bit differently. This year, the ceremony was held in a larger auditorium and a larger crowd was invited. Maria Shell Image Journal #21All of the artists were sequestered in back until their names were called. It was really exciting to find out who had received recognition this year. At the end they were presented as a group.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21This year’s event included a performance by The Light Brigade which is a loosely affiliated group of artists whose mission is to forever change the way we see and relate to familiar places. The performance included light, dance, and sound. I wish I had taken some photographs, but it felt inappropriate, so I did not. I will share my limited edition program from the event–I love this thing.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21I received both a project award in 2009 and a fellowship in 2013 from the Rasmuson Foundation. I would not be sitting here typing this blog today if it weren’t for their support. Thank you Rasmuson Foundation for all that you do to support arts, artists, and community. I look forward to seeing  what this year’s artists and writers produce with your support

Maria Shell Image Journal #21I really wanted to finish this tunic to wear to the Awards ceremony, but I did not. This garment is made up of two cheesy old men’s nylon/poly sweaters, a vintage Pendleton shirt, and left overs from a t-shirt I made. It was a good first try.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21In my ongoing quest to cover my lower half, I made a pair of harem pants out of a beautiful linen using a pattern from Sew Chic.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21These pants fit well–they really do look like the above photo from the side– but as Ozzy politely pointed out–it kind of looked like I needed to change my diaper.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21Plus, if Gertrude looks chubby, that kind of means I’m going to look fat.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21I think I will try and rework these into a skirt. Like this one. I love the color, fit, and fabric.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21Maria Shell Image Journal #21The really big news in my little world of garment construction is that I have managed not once, but TWICE to add nifty hanging loops to the inside back of my garments.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21Maria Shell Image Journal #21I like these a lot. If only I will remember to do them.

I end this journal with a shoe chandelier. May your week be filled with shiny, fun, bright ideas that stitch up without worry.

Maria Shell Image Journal #21I have four more days of quiet before the madness of summer break begins.

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