Image Journal #22

May was a difficult month for me blogging-wise. Time was in super short supply. Here’s a recap of the last two very busy weeks.

Ozzy graduated from sixth grade.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22 We got a puppy. We call him Tokie, Token, and Tok. He is from Bethel, Alaska and most likely is a mix of lab and husky. We love him.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22We jumped in our car and drove 320 miles to reach our little miners cabin in McCarthy, Alaska.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22But first we threw a few rocks from the Kuskulana Bridge. Notice that Ozzy is wearing socks but no shoes. This is a weird thing that boys do. They think it is completely acceptable to take short jaunts without shoes.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22Maria Shell Image Journal #22A few pigs showed up to welcome us home.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22And, well, if you’ve got pigs in your yard, you probably got goats across the street, and a reality T.V. filming crew nearby. Yep. Those critters are going to be famous sometime later this year. I live next to celebrities.

IMG_7381 Walt set up an outdoor shop and got to work completing the final stages of my McCarthy Studio.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22This is what it looked like BEFORE.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22There was a very good porch party for Memorial Weekend.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22I spent a good 12 hours creating and attaching hanging sleeves to McCarthy Solstice. It is now hanging in the McCarthy-Kennicott Historical Museum.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22McCarthy Solstice by Maria ShellWalt kicked butt on the studio, and now I need to unpack.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22Fletcher is interning for a river rafting company this summer. Here he is leaving for the training trip.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22There was a exceptionally large dog party at Friday night softball. I don’t know if I have ever been to such a large one. Tripp is on third.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22The McCarthy annual garage sale was this weekend.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22I could not believe the amazing selection of plants all from seed. I am overwhelmed by the knowledge about gardening in this town. I think I will try and soak some of that up this summer.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22I survived Project EveryDay without a pair of jeans. It was a great experiment. I learned a lot about what a real working wardrobe looks like in this climate. I was very lucky that the weather worked in my favor. It was so such a good time, I kind of wanted to keep going and give up completely on store bought clothes. But I decided the smart thing to do would be to plan and sew and give it another go in August.

Maria Shell Image Journal #22And that’s the story of the last two weeks. I hope the start of your summer has been just as crazy and fun. What have you been doing?

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12 thoughts on “Image Journal #22

  1. Joanne P. on said:

    Lovely! I took a serger class today, so excited about what I can use it for!

  2. pmgarrett2 on said:


    Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 04:26:35 +0000 To:

  3. Loved seeing your post! Can’t believe how fast the boys are growing up.Hope I get to see you all in person sometime soon.

  4. kgreeningram on said:

    Fun times in McCarthy! Hope you get lots done in your studio. I just bought a sweet little 1952 Featherweight to put in the Airstream. That, along with my portable quilt wall will allow me to create on the road. Headed to Asheville, NC for a little inspiration.

    • I hope it works! I have found that I can get work done–not as much, but enough to feel like I am moving forward. I usually do mindless work–the designing has been done and all I have to do is execute it. Have fun in Asheville!

  5. I just moved to VT for the summer. We celebrated our 30th anniversary without kids and moved in and set up in record time with just the dogs. Now back to work tomorrow. Or Wednesday. It feels great to enjoy summer. My son Ben never has his shoes on outside -socks yes-shoes,
    not always.

    • Colleen- Congrats on 30 years. That is wonderful. I feel like I am still transitioning. I hope today is productive. It always feels good to get back on track.

  6. Hi Maria, I love the pooch he looks very friendly. The hope the feline in the household and him make friends with each other. I’m very jealous of your 2 studios! I dream on…

    • Lois- Tok loves the cats. The cats, on the other hand, are completely annoyed with him. He is a pest. He so wants to be friends, and he is very undignified in his attempts. My studios are simple but functional. It helps that I married a builder! Good luck with the scrap organizing! It’s a pain, but totally worth it to have things where you can find them.

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