Max’s Man Quilt

It was three years in the making, but Max’s community baby quilt is finally finished!

Max is a very busy guy. He likes to climb on top of rocks.

Maria Shell Max's Man QuiltHere he is strolling around with his rock cell phone–you never know when you might get a call. Max’s has some very interesting conversations on that phone.

Maria Shell Max's Man QuiltRunning, especially AWAY, is always a good time.

Maria Shell Max's Man QuiltHere’s Max making art with his mom.

Maria Shell Max's Man QuiltWhen Max was one we made the blocks.

The next year, I pieced the quilt together.

And finally this year, I quilted and bound it.

Max’s mom calls it is Max’s Man Quilt because in the history of McCarthy community baby quilts, this one has the most quilt blocks made by men.

And not just any men, the manliest men in town really. Here are all the quilt blocks made by men. The firemen, fishermen, and EMT’s are well represented in Max’s quilt.

Of course there were blocks made by ladies.

And kids too.

I used an assortment of bits to fill in the areas around the blocks.

The last few community quilts I’ve made have the child’s name spelled out. I like this.

I call this style of quilting “light custom”. I use the same thread throughout. I try to not be to obsessive with the quilting and just have fun.

Maria Shell Max's Man QuiltI do love making these quilts, so it is hard to say this, but Max’s Man Quilt is my last community baby quilt. Time to pass on the torch.

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10 thoughts on “Max’s Man Quilt

  1. lila on said:

    What a lovely lovely gift you have that you have so generously shared with so many. Three cheers for you, Maria.

  2. What an awesome community you live in… I can barely get my neighbors to make eye contact when picking up the mail! I love reading about your artist adventures 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Carol- thank you for the kind words. It is an awesome community. Especially since we have now come to an agreement on where the new public outhouse will be. I think the fact that we have to make those kinds of decisions together is part of what makes it all work.

  3. Simply amazing – both YOU and the community of great people who work TOGETHER for so many things! Thanks from my for making dreams a reality in your neighborhood. Hope one day Maximilian will tell you how much the quilt means to him!!

    • Thank you Bethany. I feel very fortunate to be part of this community. I think many of us long for the sort of connection we have to each other out here. We are very lucky.

  4. Glad you were able to finish the quilt! It’s great!

  5. Rebecca Bard on said:

    Maximilian is a very fortunate boy to have such an amazing quilt full of love from family and friends. If it weren’t for Maria, he wouldn’t have a quilt. He saw a picture of it and is solo excited. I can’t thank you enough Maria for this treasure he will have for a life time. I have developed an deep appreciation for quilters now that I saw a quilt created with my own eyes!

  6. Kathleen and LarryBardk on said:

    Thankyou.A beautiful keepsake for our sweet grandson Max we are so happy that we were able tomake a square while in Mc Carthy.A great keepsake.

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