Image Journal #29

I managed to log 26 hours of quilting time this past week. Here is the evidence of that effort. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Yes, I am collecting these thread balls. Maria Shell Image Journal #29I have an idea, but it might take me several years of collecting to get the materials I need.

In the meantime, it reminds me of artists who make art out of lint. I’ve never been a big fan of lint art, but today, while preparing this post, I changed my mind.

Just like all other art forms–there is good dryer lint art and there is bad dryer lint art. I’ll show you a few beautiful pieces to see if you agree. Jean Shin’s work is ethereal. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Nick Cave’s lint works in harmony with wool, socks, paint, and wood. Maria Shell Image Journal #29I’d wear this vest designed by Shelly Simcha. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Nancy Jurs collected dryer lint for 35 years to create this piece. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Considering I’ve only been collecting for about six months, it might be a while before my thoughts become physical objects. While I wasn’t quilting, I stitched up the Roza pattern by Kate & Rose. Maria Shell Image Journal #29I was very pleased with the results. Maria Shell Image Journal #29I especially like the neckline. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Speaking of lint, I imagined a new way of cleaning my long arm quilting machine’s wheel tracks. Packaging tape works wonders. Maria Shell Image Journal #29I spent way too many hours organizing my work for upcoming shows. That’s a task I am not fond of, but the new storage boxes Walt built do make the process easier. Maria Shell Image Journal #29The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank purchased Berry Picking this year for their collection. Last week they had a reception to unveil the newly purchased pieces. Here is Fairbanks artist Annie Duffy being interviewed by local media. Maria Shell Image Journal #29And here is her amazing piece that is now part of the Art Bank Collection. Maria Shell Image Journal #29The new art was hung through out the offices of the Alaska State Council on the arts and guests were invited move through the space and enjoy the new pieces. Maria Shell Image Journal #29The event featured surreal chocolate by Sweet Chalet. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Just to be ridiculous, I would like to juxtapose the yummy chocolates from the reception with these dryer lint chocolates. You know. The rule of threes. Lint, lint, and more lint. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Every time I go to the ASCA office, I think about the strip mall they are located in. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but there is a Brown Jug Liquor Store next to the True Vine House of Worship and then there is the Alaska State Council on the Arts. Maria Shell Image Journal #29Sin-Salvation-and Art all living right next to each other in Mountain View.

I like that. It’s good to embrace the diversity.

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4 thoughts on “Image Journal #29

  1. Loved this post,Maria!My dryer lint is usually grey..rather a depressing beginning for an art project .Do you have any idea of what you will be doing in North Carolina?Can’t wait to see what it’s all about.I have finally found a place to get display tubes for my marionettes.I have been really working to be ready for a couple of upcoming shows.Hugs to Walt and kids.

  2. Good to see Berry Picking on public view! I love the colours.

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