Finally, I finished the last quilt top for the show at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

Haru by Maria ShellIt took a while to settle on a name. Walt suggested Haru. I like it.

Haru by Maria ShellIt means Spring in Japanese. This quilt does have a bit of a cherry blossom/ samurai feel to it.

Haru by Maria ShellI am pleased with the weird color combination.

Haru by Maria ShellI also think the figure ground action is pretty good. The grid wants to glom onto the block, and I always like that.

Haru by Maria ShellIt is the final quilt block in Wall of Sound.

Wall of Sound by Maria ShellThe really crazy thing is that I will be quilting it without my long arm. That’s right. Priscilla did not get to come to Charlotte. I like this photo even though it kind of looks like I am a bobble head. Can you see it? My head is bobbing on the hand control which is coming out of my chin.

Maria Shell fiber at FittonCan I do it without my precious machine? Should I cry? I will try and be brave.

I know. I know. There are so many of you out there who fearlessly quilt on your domestic machines.

I think I can. I think I can.

Have a good weekend folks.

I’ll be soaking up some of this North Carolina heat. I love the heat.

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12 thoughts on “Haru

  1. Man, your colors are so good! I thought you were asking “How R U” in a funny way, so I shall always see this particular quilt as a very friendly one. Perhaps your quilting style will change a little while Priscilla is on holiday. Love your work, as always.

    • Oh Barb, I have had to admit defeat. I’m nothing without Priscilla. I love the colors on this one too. They are strangely attractive. I think that is called sexy-ugly or something like that. Thank you Barb!

  2. I particularly like the black and white square in the center which is a target and focus only because the others are so vibrant. Whadya think of my opinion? Glad you like the heat. We call it the dog days extended. September should be cooling off in a minute but then everything is relative and so are dogs, a la sled dogs.

  3. An exceptional quilt! Love your colors in it.

  4. archytech on said:

    This is a great one! Are these mostly your vintage fabrics?

    • Yes! I did a good job here of combining vintage, contemporary, and hand dyed fabrics. Some of the quilters cottons that I bought new 15 years ago, like the spiky black and white fabric are now almost vintage. That’s crazy. Thank you Sharon for stopping by!

  5. I can see why Walt thinks SPRING with this piece. It is cheery and warm!

  6. Very vibrant!

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