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Today, I’m blogging from a restaurant newly located inside the Hilton. It’s a Texas chain called Pappasito’s Cantina.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityFood plus free internet is my new MO.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityYesterday started with an ephinany class. Yes. I had an AHHA moment thanks to Suzie Monday and her class Your Brain on Creativity. For years, I’ve wanted to make paper collages, but for some reason, I never gave my self the time or permission to do so. I’m really not interested in making fabric collage, but, who knows, that could change. What I really want is to use found paper, cut it up, and glue it down.

And that is exactly what I got to do in Suzie’s class.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityShe lead us through a series of exercises meant to get us thinking about how we learn, what is meaningful to us, what our strongest memories are , what our history is and so on.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityWe were encouraged to fill an entire page with these ideas–using pencils, pen, paper, and fabric.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityI went straight for the paper and began cutting. Part of me completely blacked during the process. I know that might sound weird, but it was actually really great.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityI was so thrilled to be cutting and gluing; I can’t remember what Suzie asked us to do with the lower quadrants of the paper.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityI know my work is very rudimentary, still I love it. I did it. I finished a collage.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityI’m taking a second collage class on Saturday. I know it seems a bit strange to travel to the International Quilt Festival to play with paper, but sometimes it just happens like that.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityAs I mentioned yesterday, the center piece of this year’s exhibition space is a spectacular display of red and white quilts.

IQA 40th AnniversaryThe signage explains the story behind the exhibit.

“This exhibit is inspired by the 2011 exhibit, Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibited in New York at the Armory. Quilters have long used ruby (red) to show love, power, lust, strength, fire, death, and war. The addition of white was often used as a relief to the strong red. A selection of ruby and white quilts made from 1974 to the present, and a selection of read and white antique quilts makes a powerful statement as we celebrate our 40th anniversary as the largest quilt show sale and quiltmaking academy in the United States. “

I remember reading about the Armory exhibit. It is incredible to see a re-enactment of that show in person.

IQA 40th Anniversary

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

IQA 40th AnniversaryI am partial to the traditional pieced patterns.

IQA 40th AnniversaryThere is something so modern about two colored quilts.

IQA 40th AnniversaryI suppose it is the graphic POW of it all.

IQA 40th AnniversaryEvery time I see a medallion quilt, I want to make one.

IQA 40th AnniversaryThese quilts really bring me back to why I started down this road. They are art, and they are quilts.

IQA 40th AnniversaryThe suspended quilts are AMAZING.

Okay. Tomorrow I will tell you about today.

In the meantime, I feel a bit like Hunter S. Thompson in Las Vegas.

Maria Shell Your Brain on CreativityPerhaps it is the tequila.

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10 thoughts on “Your Brain on Creativity

  1. I think the medallion quilt is totally you! I love your collage. Wonder where that will lead???

  2. Maria C on said:

    It’s so interesting to hear that you’re exploring paper collage by way of quilting. I’ve migrated to quilting by way of paper collage. I expect in the end I’ll come full circle back to paper, but with so many media and a creative heart the full circle path will be full of wonder and self discovery. Enjoy the paper….and the tequila!! Orale!!

  3. Paper collaging is the process that I use to make my quilts. This is totally my style and I love it!

  4. Are you teaching there? You are sounding very inspired.It will be fun to see what comes out of all your travels. Love the red and white quilts.Enjoy the rest of the show.Looking forward to seeing how your community quilt turned out.

  5. Are you familiar with “red work “embroidery? Google it. Some of it is really beautiful.

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