Completed Quilt Storage System

When I got home from my travels, there was a big pile of boxes waiting for me.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemQuilts from one gallery show and two traveling shows had returned home just days before me.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemSome time this summer–I think, but who knows, time has been moving way to fast for me to remember anything–Walt built me two quilt storage units on wheels.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemThe units roll out from under my long arm quilting machine. This means they are tucked away when I don’t need them but readily available when I do.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemThe units each measure 10 1/2” height x 28” width x 65” length. Before I had these units, I simply folded my quilts up and keep them in tubs. This was OKAY but not ideal. With the new system, I can roll each quilt, wrap it, and store it.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemFor several years, I wrapped my quilts in plastic sofa shipping covers. The plastic is not as thick as I would like and does not last for more than one or two shippings.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemI’d seen better plastic, but I did not know where to find it. Finally I figured it out. I’d been buying my plastic at the shipping store, when I should have been buying my plastic at the hardware store. Yep. This is the plastic you want. It can be used over and over again. Packing tape sticks to it, but it also easily peels off.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemWith my new plastic and the pile of boxes in the hallway, I knew it was time to properly pack all of my quilts for storage. I rolled each one up with the design facing out. This way I easily know which quilt is which.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemMeasure the plastic to be long enough to roll the quilt up. Then I tape up the side and the ends and add it to the storage unit.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemI have lined the units with both paper on the bottom and plastic all around for added protection.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage System

One by one I wrapped and added each quilt to the storage unit.

Maria Shell Quilt Storage SystemEach quilt, unless it is very small, has two hanging slats.

Maria Shell Completed Quilt Storage SystemI do store the slats in the storage units, but I do not store them with their quilt. I have found that if I roll the slat in with the quilt and store it that way, the slat makes a deep crease on the quilt. I can iron the crease out, but why not skip that step by storing things separately? If you want to learn more about my quilt hanging system, you can by clicking here.

I did this for ALL of my quilts not just the ones that had returned from shows.

Maria Shell Quilt Storage SystemNow doesn’t that look nice?

Maria Shell Quilt Storage SystemHappy Weekend Everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Completed Quilt Storage System

  1. Just in time for turkey. Hope yours is tender. Carole

  2. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! How did the group quilting go? I’m sure you are glad to be back to “normal” life.I’m trying to get ready for a sale in Liberty the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Will be glad to have it behind me.

    • I still haven’t managed to find normal yet, but I am looking forward to getting there. Lots of lose ends right now including the dozen boxes that arrived this week from the McColl! The group quilt is on the back burner right now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I was surprised to see your beautiful quilts wrapped in plastic, I have been told by a quilt appraiser not to store quilts in plastic. It looks really nice and tidy.:-)

    • Maryse-

      I had not heard that, but it could be true for permanent storage. This storage is “temporary” these quilts move in and out of these boxes on a regular basis. But you have made a good point that I will look into.Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

  4. I love the boxes. Great storage solution.

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