Fiber @ the Fitton- Jonpaul Smith

I can’t believe I am saying this, but fiber at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio is just about a week from closing, and I am just now writing about it!

fiber features art by four artists working in fiber and color. I am one of the four artists. In fact, the opening reception (which was actually several weeks into the show) was the last stop on my 2 1/2 month tour outside. I went from the residency at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, to the International Quilt Festival, to the opening of fiber.

fiber at the Litton Center for Creative ArtsI asked each of the artists involved–Christine Sauer, Dorothy McGuinness, and Jonpaul Smith if they would share their artist’s statements and images of their work on my blog.

Well Rounded, paper construct, 7ft diaSo, here you have it.

Meredith, mixed printmaking techniques, 4x8ftThis is Jonpaul Smith being an artist.

Jonpaul Smith And this is Jonpaul being Jonpaul–one of the best things about the opening reception was meeting him.

Jonpaul Smith

Smith is inspired by the complex relationships of systems and patterns that control and dictate the world in which we live.

Circle, mixed printmaking techniques, 8ft dia.He approaches his woven and constructed paper pieces from a variety of perspectives but common to all are the processes of disassembly and reassembly.

Another Prop, paper construct, 7ft diaHis materials can be his original traditional and non-traditional prints, gouache paintings, smoke transfers, and the packaging of everyday household items.

No matter what material he chooses, the process begins with cutting the materials into strips of various sizes, then painstakingly overlapping or weaving them into meticulous, intricate compositions.

16-Scrape Plate Intaglio, intaglio, 6x9ftHis complex, tapestry-like constructs, make use of (and, in a sense, refine) pop culture imagery.

15 First Twenty-Five, mixed printmaking techniques, 8x17ft, Jonpaul SmithOne of the things that intrigued me about Jonpaul’s work is the many ways he installed it. Some the pieces were attached directly to the wall.

4 A Few Favorites, paper construct, 32x42in, Jonpaul SmithWhile others were floated in massive frames.

1 Goods, Guns, & Germs, paper construct, 36x48in, Jonpaul SmithI always enjoy work that keeps my eye moving.

3 The Essentials, paper construct, 35x48.5in, Jonpaul SmithI love it. You can see more amazing on Jonpaul’s website.

Stay tuned for more images from this beautiful show.

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    Very nice, Maria. I have more trouble logging into that dang WordPress.

  2. Smith’s work is play! Thanks Maria. Lucky you to meet exciting contemporaries of the fiber art world!

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