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In the past week, I have shared with you the work of the three other artists involved in the show fiber at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonJust to give you all one more chance to enjoy their work here are the links to their websites and the blog post I wrote on each of them.

Johnpaul Smith’s Website and the blog post about his work.

Well Rounded, paper construct, 7ft diaDorothy McGuinness’s Website and the blog post about her work.

SalmonCanyon by Dorothy McGuinnessChristine Sauer’s Website and the blog post about her work.

Sauer_Christine_Circulate_2012_mixedmedia_40x36x3_#1aBecause I was already in Houston, Texas prior to the show at the Fitton, it was easy for me to travel from there to Ohio to attend the opening reception. I visited my sister Gina in Bloomington, Indiana and then we traveled to the show. Here we are.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonThe students of Joe Jahnigen from the Butler Tech School of the arts played music for the opening. Can you see my work in the background?

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonTwo of the artist involved in the show were weavers, so the Fitton set up an educational weaving site.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonI like it.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonIt was wonderful that each artist got their own promo card for the show with their own image on it. Here you can see the promo cards for Chris and Dorothy.

Maria Shell fiber @ The Fitton This is my card–trust me the photography doesn’t do it justice.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonThe mastermind behind this show was Cat Mayhugh. Here we are together. I hope all the curators of my future are like Cat–friendly, good communicator, organized, and with it.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonHere is my contribution to the show–both from photos I took (which I kind of failed at!) and from my portfolio along with words from my artist statement.

This is me at this moment. December 2014.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonI am a classically trained quilt maker whose work is firmly grounded in the American quilt making tradition.

Dance Party at Tamara's House by Maria ShellVintage and contemporary commercial solid and print cotton fabrics, as well as hand dyed cotton textiles I have created, are the materials I use in my work.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonThese textiles are improvisation-ally and ruler cut and then stitched into a two dimensional surface.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonOnce I create this pieced canvas, I spend hours on my long arm quilting machine stitching the top to cotton or wool batting and a fabric backing. The final step is to bind or face each individual piece. I hope the backs of my quilts are as beautiful as the fronts.

Wall of Sound-Back by Maria ShellSince 2011, I have been working in a series called Colors Grids. This has been a very satisfying exploration of patchwork as art.

Dance Party at Tamara's House Detail by Maria ShellThis past year, I began to expand my vocabulary to include not only solid colored textiles but also prints from the 1920s to the present day.

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonThis introduction of pattern on top of pattern has taken my work to an entirely new level.

TRANCE b y Maria ShellEssentially, I am piecing, with my sewing machine, my own prints. These quilts are modern day tapestries infused with fabric patterns from the past 85 years.

Wall of Sound by Maria ShellAccording to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, my Color Grid quilts are related to the following quilt blocks–The Red Cross Quilt, Stone Mason’s Puzzle, City Streets, Crossed Square, and my favorite, Squares and Square.

Wall of Sound Detail by Maria ShellLimiting the structure of my work to a particular quilt pattern in a grid format has allowed me to go deep into color and print.

Mark's Garden by Maria ShellHow do I get color to vibrate?

Habanero by Maria ShellHow can I successfully marry a man’s dress shirt fabric from 1938 with a psychedelic flower power textile from 1973?

Deep Blue Sea by Maria ShellHow can I stitch these elements together so that the viewer sees not only hundreds of scraps of fabric but also the SUM–the whole as great than its parts?

Maria Shell fiber @ The FittonWhat would happen if a traditional bed quilt ate a healthy dose of psychedelic mushrooms?

Get on Up ! by Maria ShellThose are the questions I am trying to answer.

Wall of Sound Detail by Maria ShellWhat makes me happiest is to create the most wacky colorful beautiful quilted compositions I can and then share them with the world.

Maria Shell fiber @ the LittonThank you for sharing this show with me!

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  1. Fabulous show of your amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. pam butcher on said:

    “What would happen if a traditional bed quilt ate a healthy dose of psychedelic mushrooms?”
    Hahaha nicely said

  3. Your sharing is our pleasure, Maria.

  4. Beautiful and talented works.

  5. Really nice write-up, Maria! I really enjoy seeing your posts.What a great show.Keep up the good work!

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