Albert Oehlen fabric paintings

I was reading Art in America this morning and came across Albert Oehlen’s exhibition called Fabric Paintings at the Skarstedt in New York City. Here is a review of the show on Hyperallergic if you want to learn more.

Bedienungsmotiv (1996) Oil on printed fabric

Bedienungsmotiv (1996) Oil on printed fabric

I found two things interesting about the Hyperallergic review. Everybody uses fabric and claims it as such except for quilt makers. Why is that? I have my suspicions, and it has to do with stereotypes. Basically if you are an ARTIST you can use whatever materials you want. But if you are quilt maker you probably match your points and have four grandchildren. Lesson here–call yourself an artist and to hell with the matching of anything.

Ohne titel (1992)

Ohne titel (1992) Oil on printed fabric

There was also a great quote from Oehlen about “closing doors” and/or working with rules.

“Following a self-imposed set of guidelines certainly gives you more momentum. Forbidding yourself certain things, believing in rules, is a good state to be in. That’s the way to develop as an artist, by giving yourself instructions what to do next.”

Untitle (1992)

Untitle (1992) Oil on Printed Fabric

I really believe closing doors–saying no to certain things–as in I am not an oven mitt sales lady is super helpful in getting the big picture established in my mind.

And perimeters, well for me, they are not confining. They are more like rules to a game. Once you understand the rules, you can play. Bedienungsmotiv (1996) oil on printed fabric Untitled (1992) Ohne titel (1992)

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7 thoughts on “Albert Oehlen fabric paintings

  1. I wonder if anyone asks the artist painting on printed fabric to hem their pants? Many of our grandmothers were true artists; but most would say “grandma sewed”. I think you are a hell of an artist! I am such a novice quilter and haven’t ever thought of myself as an artist. Henceforth, the sewing room is the STUDIO ! (Small step, I know….next step is “TEXTILE ARTIST”). (Only 3 grandchildren and sometimes my points DON’T line up, which makes the anal retentive personality shine!)

  2. This”art” reminds me of when my cat threw up on my bedspread..I should have framed it!πŸ˜›

  3. This”art” reminds me of when my cat threw up on my bedspread..I should have framed it!πŸ˜› by the way..Isn’t canvas a fabric?

  4. I think this”artist” must have one hell of a marketing person! πŸ˜‰

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