Image Journal #4

Where does the week go? I certainly don’t know.

I made three Plantain t-shirts this week. Plantain is a FREE sewing pattern from Deer and Doe a French indie pattern company. I will be sewing more of their patterns. I love the fit on this t-shirt, it does an excellent job of hiding bumps and emphasizing the curves.

I continued knitting my first sweater. Here is last week’s progress report.

Maria Shell Image Journal #3 2015And here is where I am today. (I still can’t get a consistent read on this color of yarn!)

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015 Knitting is a slow-going-stitch-marathon. I know I should have started with a hat for some quality insta-gratification. But I have been there before and want–yes, I do–to make a sweater. And so I knit. (and knit, and knit.)

My pledge to myself (and Walt) that I would keep the knitting projects to a minimum lasted three weeks.

Here is project number two.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015I love the yarn which is Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D’oro in the Twilight Blue. The color is divine.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015I am making a Easy Folded Poncho by ChurchMouse Yarns and Teas .

Churchmouse-8159_gallery_grandeAll these different stitching projects have required some expert organization on my part. I started with organizing my garment sewing.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015And then I tackled my patterns. In the past, I used a simple yellow envelope and a Sharpie to label.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015The new system emphasizes original visuals.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015And information about fabric, yardage, and measurements of the finished garment–all very handy to have on the OUTSIDE of the pattern.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Of course, I had to create a documentation system for my knitting too.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Is organization a form of procrastination? I’m not sure if I really want to face the answer to that question.

On Friday, the board members of the Wrangell Mountains Center headed to Girdwood, Alaska for three day of intense eating.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Socializing.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Non-stop talking,

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015and walls and walls of notes.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Who knew sitting in the same place for three days could be so EXHAUSTING. We hammered our a new five year plan, tweaked our mission statement, accessed financial goals and programing, and everything in between.

Amazingly, we all really still liked each other after it was all said and done. Of course, any non-profit board who uses stuffed animals to represent missing board members has got to be kind of fun to hang out with.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015On the way to Girdwood, fellow board member Lila Vogt and I stopped to enjoy the first installation of the Poems in Place program .

Lila is part of the committee working with the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, and the Alaska State Parks to install poetry by Alaskan writers in wild places for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015Since Winter Solstice, we’ve been gaining light. As of today, we’ve got seven hours and 16 minutes of full on sun.

Maria Shell Image Journal #4 2015There really is nothing better than turning towards the light.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about procrastination. I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a used lateral file: to organize systems I don’t yet have in place. At least you are creating while you organize. Does that count ?

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