Image Journal #6

Like any week after a Knit-cation, there is laundry to do, mail to sort, and the general resuming of normal activities.

Jury duty was interesting. My number was 866. Each evening, I called in to see if my number was up. On Wednesday they were only in the 400s, so I thought I might be a non-event in my life.

Thursday, the judge requested the presences of number 480 -1006 or something like that.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015We were prospective jurors for an assault and burglary trial that was expected to last TWO months. Obviously, they were having a hard time finding jurors who could leave their regular lives for that long of a period. We were all asked to fill out paper work, and let them know if there were any scheduling conflicts. Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015We would be notified later that day if our services were still needed.

I am leaving for Quilt Con next week. I know I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I will. And I was very much looking forward to a wedding this spring break in McCarthy. Would these events exempt me from serving on the jury?

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015I thought about this for an entire day. Part of me would love to be juror–just not for two months!

On Friday morning, I was excused.

Our very well behaved pup Tok ate my freshly baked jalapeño cornbread. This is completely out of character for him.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015I think he is very sorry–in more ways than one.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015My fascination with knitting a top down sweater continues. I got lots of wonderful feedback from the post I wrote this weekend. Thank you all! And a special thanks to Cindy.  I think I have finally found the pattern–Diane Soucy’s Mid Weight Neck Down Pullover for Women.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015It looks like it might just fulfill all of my dreams. I really want a pattern that is simple and straight forward, so I can concentrate on my construction skills.

I am given up on using black yarn. I think this blue will do quite nicely. PLUS so far, it appears to be the right gauge.’s been too cold.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015This it means I get to parade around in my vintage wool sweater collection. a blast from my past, you can read my about the collection here. My quest for perfect wool wear has been deep and wide. I think I will wear this one tomorrow.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6 2015I’ve been thinking about this artist’s work since I saw it on Joanne Mattera’s blog last December.


UnknownIt is knitted.

8. IMG_7806Conceptual artist Rosemarie Trockel calls these works knitted paintings.  imagesWhatever they are, I love them.

Unknown-1Makes me want to knit a GIANT Scandinavian sweater print and put it on the wall.

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12 thoughts on “Image Journal #6

  1. cltrice on said:

    Somebody scoffed at me on the SAQA email list when I said I loved the big yellow knitted piece on Joanne Mattera’s blog. They basically said that their husband could knit a big afghan on his knitting machine, slap it on the wall, and call it art. My point was but this artist THOUGHT of doing it. The texture is awesome. And I adore it…..

    • It’s funny that they would say that. Don’t we hate it when others say such simple things about our work? I love it when anyone takes craft exactly as it is and puts it on the wall and says its art. Drawing lines between art and craft are for people who like boxes. Thank you Carol for stopping by!

  2. Maria, you make me smile! Even during an ICE STORM… can’t wait to see the wall with your giant Swedish Sweater. If anyone can make it stand up and get the attention it deserves, it will be YOU! Enjoy the ride and get knitting!

    • And ice storm? I hope you are safe! Wouldn’t such a sweater/painting be amazing? I hadn’t really thought about the graphic/ op art quality of Noridc sweaters until now, but course they are glorious examples. Thank you Bethany for stopping by.

  3. I’ve been seeing Norwegian sweeter designs in quilt magazines lately. I’m torn between one of those, but I really want to get out my classic reindeer sweater pattern and start a sweater. My Mom knitted a new one almost every year for my dad. I sure wish I had one of those now!!

    So excited that you are coming to Austin!!

    • A new reindeer sweater every year? That is wonderful. I am promising my sons stocking caps with their first initials on them and I’m not sure if I will keep good on my promise. Alice will you be at the show? It would be great to meet.

  4. Maria, I hope I get to see you at QuiltCon! I’ll be there. I’m staying with a friend who lives on the north side of Austin, but will spend at least two days at the show.

  5. I wonder if the connection of a sorry stomach will be close enough for him to learn!?
    Yes we,re debating here the principle of citizen jurors. Here it’s very hard to get excused even for Quilt Con and weddings!
    Have been following your knitcation story with interest as a non-but-thinking-about-it knitter. Looks as though you will be needing several warm jumpers!

    • Camilla- Thank you for stopping. I feel lucky to have been excused from that lengthy trial. The judge made it clear he was going to try and make it work as best he could for the potential jurors. I think you should join me on this knitting adventure! If there is one thing I always need more of up here it is warm clothing.

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