SEW FUN 2015

It is that time of year again. Yep, it is time for SEW FUN 2015. The event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 24, 25, and 26. I would really like if you just dropped whatever else you had planned for those days and journeyed to the heart of Alaska to study with me. We can dream right? If only we could Jeanie blink ourselves places, or better yet, travel through the world wide chimney system like Harry Potter.

SEW FUN with Maria ShellI have hosted several versions of SEW FUN for the past four years out here in McCarthy, Alaska at the Old Hardware Store which is the home of the Wrangell Mountains Center. Wrangell Mountains Center is a non-profit educational and research facility located in the heart of the Wrangell St Elias National Park. We provide educational programing and research opportunities to visitors and the local community–everything from a Family Music Camp, to science and art programing for youth, to lodging for scientists study ice and voles, to SEW FUN.

SEW FUN with Maria ShellSEW FUN is a three day stitching extravaganza. The first SEW FUN was actually called Creative Cloth and was a formally structured art quilting class that eventually evolved into a class I now teach called Abstraction of Place. We hiked for inspiration and then translated that information into cloth. It was a great week of quilt making.

The next year I realized that there really aren’t a lot of art quilters in this little town, and what residents really wanted wasn’t to make art quilts–they wanted to sew curtains for their cabin’s, up-cycle old clothing, make aprons and other useful objects. So, I changed the class to be more centered on individual student needs.

I provide the sewing machines,the fabric, and the notions necessary to create a wide assortment of stitched projects.

Each student selects a project within their skill range, and we work together to make that project a reality.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellAdvanced students may work on developing their ability to work with color or improve their improvisational piecing skills.

Other students may chose to work on an assortment of projects.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellFrom ten in the morning until ten at night, I work with each student individually, going around and around the room making sure everyone is moving their work forward.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellStudents can sign up for one, two, or three days.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellAll proceeds from this event go to support the Wrangell Mountains Center’s mission of educating individuals about art, science, and place. 

Sew Fun with Maria ShellNow doesn’t that sound SEW FUN? I’d love for you to join me.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellPS-  Yummy home grown lunches and dinners are provided.

Sew Fun with Maria ShellAnd I serve fancy cocktails at eight! Cocktails and irons, what more could a sewer want?

Sew Fun with Maria ShellFor complete details on how to sign up, click here. It’s SEW fun, really, it is.

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9 thoughts on “SEW FUN 2015

  1. Carole on said:

    I wanna come sew with y’all. SC is too damn hot! Alas…….

  2. Ok, so I knew you were wonderful, and generous and handy to have around… but now you are MIRACULOUS, giving and gracious too! Love what you are doing and I want to now if there are any little shacks for sale in McCarthy. Keep an eye open for me – I want to come! Summer, winter and between.

  3. pmgarrett2 on said:

    i think I can come on Friday and Sunday and I plan to work on my pantry curtains…. love, gma patt. Plan to sleep at your house tonight in the futon room…. warn walt and fletch please

    Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 01:27:45 +0000 To:

  4. Sounds good Grandma! Safe Travels!

  5. debby on said:

    Truly sew fun! I would love to have an Alaska adventure and include three days of sewing in McCarthy! Putting it on my bucket list!!

  6. I think that is a great idea! Debby it would be great to have you out here!

  7. Heh. I could want NOTHING more than irons and cocktails.

    Aw man, I could really use a sewing weekend away. Wish I could come. Have a great time!

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