Hot Crossed Squares–The New Ones

Last month I had a show at the Kenai Peninsula College Gallery.

Bananas 17H x 17W $525

Bananas 17H x 17W $550

It was a good time that including having my name in lights on the marquee at the entrance to the college.

Groove 18H x 18W $475

Groove 18H x 18W $550

You can read about the show and the work involved in making it happen in these three posts–Hot Crossed Squares–In Progress, Hot Crossed Squares–The Countdown, and Hot Crossed Squares–The Show.

Groove Backside

Groove Backside

I had pieced 22 new compositions for the show. Sadly, my arms gave out and time ticked away, and I only completed (as in quilted, faced, and sleeved) 15.

Apache14H x 15W $420

Apache14H x 15W $420

I REALLY wanted to finish all of them.

Technotronic 16H x 16W $550

Technotronic 16H x 16W $550

So, I made a date with my photographer and kept quilting until that deadline showed up.

Technotronic Backside

Technotronic Backside

I stitched away until my body finally over ruled my mind. You can read about that here in the blog post called Killing Myself with Deadlines. The comments to that post were wide ranging. My intent was simply to admit publicly that I sometimes push myself too hard and that a life in balance is BETTER.

Hot Flash 17H x 16W $475

Hot Flash 17H x 16W $550

While I did not get all the work done that I wanted to complete, and I missed the deadline for Art Quilt Elements–damn, double damn–I did finish new work.

Zebra 17H x 16W $475

Zebra 17H x 16W $550

You have been looking at six new Hot Crossed Squares.

Zebra Backside

Zebra Backside

That makes 21 completed new small pieces.

Hot Crossed SquaresThe final new Hot Crossed Squares is still on the long arm where it will stay until I get back from my travels. Sharing these images with all of you is always my favorite part. I hope you enjoy them.

PS- If you want to see any of the images in more detail, just click on the image.

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17 thoughts on “Hot Crossed Squares–The New Ones

  1. congratulations on sticking with it and getting more completed – they are lovely, such fun works

  2. These are fun quilts. Would love to see them in person!

  3. barbmort on said:

    Congratulations on finishing all these beauties. I love ’em, they are so perky!

  4. Audrey on said:

    That’s an amazing accomplishment Maria. Each one is a masterpiece!

  5. Safe travels! These are so fun to study, and I like the back as much as the front!!!

  6. fantastic work, love them all. congrats!

  7. Susan Long on said:


  8. Gina Shell on said:

    I like these, Maria. Very nice.

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