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It may be bold of me (or foolish?), but I am going to claim that I know what is going to happen in the near future and start moving in an orderly fashion (according to my standards) towards the next days of my life. Plus, if I tell all of you now what I am doing then, maybe you will join me, and that would be really great.  So here is what’s on the books for me and maybe you too.

I will be teaching three workshops back to back to back at the Quilt Zone here in Anchorage, Alaska. That means you could fly in from bush Alaska, do your Christmas shopping, and make some fun things with me all at the same time. Here is the line up.

Authentic Patchwork–Workshop
Quilt Zone–Anchorage, Alaska
Saturday, December 12, 10AM to 5PM
I originally called this class Kitchen Sink Quilting, and maybe I still should. Basically, we will spend the day creating patchwork bits that will be used to create an original pieced composition. It’s liberated stitch making, and that is super fun.

Solar Blue by Maria Shell Artful Oven Mitts–Workshop
Quilt Zone–Anchorage, Alaska
Sunday, December 13, 9AM to 1PM
The really cool thing about making these oven mitts is that they are a true mini quilting lesson. We piece our fabric, then we guilt and bind it into useful oven mitts for yourself or others. Yes. This is true. Oven mitts make great Christmas presents!. The pattern is included in the price of the class. And speaking of that pattern, if any of you actually made mitts with your pattern, I would LOVE to see them. It would be great fun to do a blog post about mitts from around the world.

Artful Oven Mitts by Maria ShellModern Broderie Perse–Workshop
Quilt Zone–Anchorage, Alaska
Sunday, December 13, 2PM to 5:30PM
While I was attending the International Quilt Festival this year, I got into a heated (as in this lady was not going to back down) discussion about my loose definition of Broderie Perse. According this expert, what I teach is not Broderie Perse. BUT it is modern, and it is fun. We will be taking the images found in printed fabric and making original bouquets of flowers. This is the perfect class for traditional quilters who are itching to explore appliqué without patterns.

Modern Broderie Perse by Maria ShellHoliday Trunk Show
blue.hollomon gallery–Anchorage, Alaska Saturday & Sunday December 19 & 20 10AM- 5PM I will be selling small art quilts, oven mitts, uptown commuter bags, and christmas tree ornaments. Come by to shop or just say hi. Seriously, the blue.hollomon gallery is the best place in town to find holiday gifts at an assortment of price points.

Blue Holloman GalleryProject Every Day
January 15, 2016
I have been thinking and thinking about this project. I want to do it. I am afraid of doing it. Is it dumb or brilliant? Finally, I decided I would begin this year long adventure on my 50th birthday. That sort of nullifies in flaws in the project. It is about turning 50, and a bunch of other things too. Stay tuned for the full story on my birthday–January 15, 2016.

QuiltCon West
The Modern Quilt Guild–Pasadena, California
February 18-21, 2016
I am not teaching or lecturing which means I will have plenty of time to meet you to have food and drinks, look at quilts, or attend a lecture. Don’t be shy. If you read this blog, I am sure we have plenty in common.

Maria Shell QuiltCon 2015Abstraction of Place–Workshop
Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association–Campbell, California
February 23 & 24, 2016 9:30AM- 4:00PM
This is a great workshop for individuals who are inspired by real world images, but who also want to make those images their own. We will cover basic color theory (according to me), abstraction of images from photographs, and improvisational piecing. It is going to be action packed.

Root Glacier by Maria ShellUse Your Words–How to Walk, Talk, and Write like an Artist–Lecture
Sunday April 3, 2016 9AM- 10AM 2016
2016 SAQA Conference–Center City, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
Wednesday March 30 – Sunday April 3
I will be presenting a lecture on the finer points of removing yourself from that safe zone behind your sewing machine and putting yourself out there. How to win friends, influence people, and still love yourself in the morning or something like that. These drawings were made by visual artist Jennifer Landau at the 2015 SAQA Conference. Landau creates wonderful graphic facilitations of lectures, talks, and discussions.

Circle and Curve Sampler–Workshop
April 5, 2016 9AM – 3PM
Ocean Waves Quilt Guild–Lewes, Delaware
This workshop is an ALL day exploration of improvisational cutting and piecing of circles and curves. We will be making Log Cabin Circles and surprise curves that will all come together into a stellar Sampler of curvy quilt blocks.

Family Plaid by Maria ShellMaking Prints out of Solids–Workshop
April 9, 2016 9AM- 4PM
South Florida Modern Quilt Guild–Boca Raton, Florida
I just taught this workshop for the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild and was completely blown away by my student’s work. This is primarily a technique class–I tell you all that I know about taking solids fabrics and working them into prints. You take that information and create original mind boggling compositions. I love it.

Tribe by Maria ShellI hope you will join me somewhere along this journey. And if you want me to come to your hood, just jot me an email, and we will see what happens.

PS. We are buried under a beautiful heavy snow on this gorgeous day in late November. This photo was taken at about eleven this morning. You can see that the sun is quite low in the sky.

Up Next by Maria ShellWinter solstice is almost here. There is no better time in the world to hunker down and stitch. Am I right?

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19 thoughts on “Up Next

  1. So glad you shared your schedule of appearances. There are a couple that are very appealing. Will keep them in mind.

  2. Those oven mitt are priceless! Can’t wait to hear more about your project a day!

  3. Love that you are teaching the oven mitts. I need to break out my pattern and my basket of scraps and make some more. I recognize that photo of the Blue Holloman Gallery with your mitts in the window. Your schedule looks like you have planned well. I like the blue quilt at the beginning of the post. I am excited to share with a couple of guild members that you will be at Quilt Con West. They are making the journey from Delaware. 🙂

    • Yes! I would love to meet part of your Ocean Waves posse while I am at QuiltCon West. And I am very much looking forward to teaching for your quild. It is going to be great!

  4. Yes, the oven mitts are delightful. I’m signed up for the SCVQA workshop. Imagine that 😉
    And I’m so excited.

  5. I will be at QuiltCon too–I hope we can get together while we’re there! Would be fun to continue the conversation! I am only signed up for a bunch of lectures.

    LOVE your idea for your 50th year–can hardly wait to hear the details. 50 was a good and pivotal year for me.

    • Debby- We are working on a South Bay Area Modern Quilt meet up and I will be sure to let you know. It will be fun to see everyone and see what they have been up to since the workshop.

  6. I was closer and could come to some of that wonderful stuff and have a coffee with you in person. New Zealand is a long way from the US… It looks like you have some fun times ahead.

  7. Mickey Beebe on said:

    It was great meeting you at your first ever class….great job! I have some quilty plans for next year too. I’ll be at QuiltCon where I hope to have 2 quilts on display. (Hope we can get together). In March I’m giving a Trunk Show and lecture (“Moving from Traditional to Modern”) in San Mateo, CA. Then in April my daughter and I are traveling to the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, where one of my traditional quilts will be the Signature Quilt (logo) of the show!!
    Has your son decided on any colleges? My daughter went to Willamette in Salem, OR. I traveled up there many times in all weather and loved the trip….now I don’t know how I did it. Isn’t any trip from Alaska epic?

    • Pam told me the great news about your quilt being the featured quilt for the Chicago show–that is FABULOUS. I loved Willamette, but son number one thinks it is too fancy. He wants something like Portland State. We are planning a South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild reunion with me and the students from the workshop. I hope I will see you and your quilts then!

  8. Mickey Beebe on said:

    See you at QuiltCon!!

  9. I love your writing style and immense talent and enthusiasm. Hope to meet you if you plan to do a workshop in British Columbia one day!
    ~ Jane

    • Thank you Jane! I would love to teach in British Columbia. Some day it will happen, in the meantime I hope you continue to enjoy this blog and your own stitchwork.

  10. Linda Collins on said:

    Hi Maria.
    I happened upon your quilt ‘Come Fly With Me’.
    I am completely smitten!!
    I have been looking for this pattern but sadly do not see it.
    I would love to know if this is still available for purchase.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Linda C.

    • Hi Linda–I am glad you like the quilt Come Fly with Me. I do not have a pattern for that quilt yet, but it is something that I am considering doing. If you want to experiment on your own, you can use the Tri-Rec Rulers to get yourself started. Good luck!

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