Holiday Re-Boot

I love pattern and repetition. If it looks good singly, I bet it will look great multiplied out.

There is something in repetition that I find ultimately soothing, calming, and satisfying. I can go for days, even weeks, without leaving the house. I can do the same things over and over again until it becomes a form of mediation for me.

When the patterns of my life are interrupted on a daily basis, I start to tweak. When those interruptions involve leaving the house and going places and seeing people ALOT I kind of lose it.

Back in graduate school, I took the Myer Briggs personality test. The goal of the test is to identity personality types which in turn help “individuals to grow through an understanding and appreciation of individual differences in healthy personalities and to enhance harmony and productivity in diverse groups”.

myers-briggs-testThe test is a fill-in-the-oval questionnaire that results in a four letter personality type.

MBTItypeChartSmall I am an INTJ, but for many years, I was an ENTJ. Really I am fifty-fifty in my answers on this aspect of the test. The I is short for Introvert and the E is short for Extravert. For this personality test, introvert and extravert are not about how you behave at parties. Unless I’ve got the flu, I am hands down an extravert in public.

For the Myers Briggs personality test it has to do with how you GET your energy. Does being in the middle of the dance floor pump you up?

Now that’s pumped up.

imageOr does stitching in silence recharge your soul?

Maria Shell Holiday Re-BootFor me, it goes both ways. I love a good party, conference, art opening where I get to interact with lots of people and ideas. But this true for only a short while. If I am in this environment day after day. I start to feel mental. I can’t do it.

I know it is not just me. This time of year can crush people emotionally.

There is the regular day to day that a one women show like me has got to try and stay on top of.

And when you start to add extras, I begin to unravel.

First there was a weekend of teaching.

Next, two amazing band concerts. Ozzy is the main percussionist for his school’s select jazz band. There is really nothing like seeing your children perform. Besides that, there is just something deliciously awkward about middle school band.

After that, there was the extra stitching involved in trying to get ready for a trunk show at the blue.hollowman gallery.

I followed that with two days of trunk show. (I am obsessed with those small pieces by Sonya Kelher Combs that are behind my table in the photo on the right.)

On Monday, I still had not done the normal itty-bitty amount of holiday shopping that I do do. Title Wave was packed. This is our version of Powells, and it is pretty impressive if you are a book lover.

Maria Shell Holiday Re-BootI looked at but did not buy these books. There really is something for everyone, but I digress.

The lines were maddening. Costco.

Maria Shell Holiday Re-BootREI

Maria Shell Holiday Re-BootThe liquor store. Yes. Really.

And the darkness, the darkness. Sunset at mid-afternoon.

Maria Shell Holiday Re-bootI failed to take photos of the holiday parties, the lights, and Tripp’s basketball game, but you get the idea.

Yesterday, I tanked. I knit and listened to Audible. I let the email PILE up. I read a book, and I took a nap. I recharged.

I hope you all have had the chance to do the same.

PS- For you Star Wars lovers here is a chart that matches your Myers Briggs personality type with its very own Star Wars Character.

star_wars_mbti-819x1024Happy Holidays dear readers. I am hoping that you are getting to give and get joy, peace, and love.

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Re-Boot

  1. barbmort on said:

    Luke Skywalker and I are one in our INFP status. Merry Christmas to you and your fam, Maria.

  2. Don’t know my Briggs Personality but know Star Wars gives me a headache. Especially would at Christmas so I am boycotting……Merry and Happy, Maria and Walt and GREATnephews. Hope Santa doesn’t disappoint. Aunt Carole

    • Aunt Carole it is a good thing you aren’t here. Our youngest is a die hard Star Wars fan. I have never actually watched an entire movie, but I have heard them all….Happy Holidays!

  3. hiitsdi on said:

    Hahahaha. I am an INTj and have the same Hans and Frans photo from Halloween of a friend and I. Merry merry and happy happy my friend!! Diana Fo
    Oh- did your card make its way to your door?

    Sent with love from my iPhone. Please excuse brevity. Diana ^~.~^


  4. Oh, Maria – we are so much ‘peas in a pod’ – your post just hit me like a rock. That’s me… I can wander a store or a gallery for hours, just drinking it all in… but this Christmas thing is over the top for me. Had our 1 year old grandson yesterday – it all came back in spades – Christmas is for the children…

    Now back to the machine for an entry to ‘CELEBRATE THE SEVEN’ at the Belleville Pubic Library John M. Parrott Gallery – I am the show coordinator and January 7th opening is coming fast! Amazing art by 27 CONNECTIONS Fibre Artist members – wish you were closer… My new work is dye painted and matchstick quilted…simple, bright and should knock some socks off!

    Happiest New Year – and thank you for being here for all of us. See you in Philly…


    • Your new work sounds fantastic. YES to Philly. And you absolutely right about Christmas being for children. I always think of our wee oldest son running down the hallway on Christmas morning in his footie pajamas so excited about the tree and Santa.

  5. Debi Bright on said:

    Merry Christmas, Maria! May you and your family be blessed with joy, happiness and love, and at least one great case of the giggles! (Which your post gave me!)

  6. Annette on said:

    Merry Christmas Maria. You are and continue to be such an inspiration!

  7. Merry Christmas, Maria! And a very wonderful, productive and fulfilling new year!

  8. Merry Christmas, Maria! I hope you got just the right combo of socializing and alone time to make it a perfect Christmas for you.

  9. Dianne Milliard on said:

    Merry Christmas, Maria! I have to tell you I flunked the Briggs-Meyer test. I was equal in all categories except kinetic, where I have next to no ability, so I didn’t fit in any of the boxes. Happy New Year!

  10. busy busy. hope you get a chance to just relaaaaax. Every time I take the Myers-Briggs I get a different answer. I wonder what that says about me. Today I am Chewbacca.

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