Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016

We have had some beautiful days this January.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016I turned fifty which meant I got flowers.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016And an AARP card invitation–which is harsh.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016I am super stoked to have gotten this in the mail yesterday. Yes. It is a Frostline pattern. I see these coats and jackets in the thrift stores and at garage sales. They are so incredibly cool looking. But I have never seen an actual pattern or kit. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that I could find one on Ebay. So, I did.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016I found anther stitching cartoon, and I posted it to my Facebook Artist page. It went viral by my standards. I ended up with thousands of comments, likes, and shares. It feels strange when that happens. It reminds me of the time Aurifil linked my blog to their Facebook page, and I thought I was famous. Fame of this type is fleeting which is just well because it feels weird.

944052_10153754023820630_3625132544895080060_nI taught a great Artful Machine Quilting class at the Quilt Zone. And speaking of teaching. The South Florida Modern Quilt Guild did the nicest write up about the workshop and lecture I will be giving there in April. It was so good that the class filled up in 24 hours and now has a waiting list. It feels good to be wanted.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016THOUGHTS
Well, you can pretty much tell where I am at in my life by the number of blog posts I make. If I here on a regular basis, things are OKAY. If you haven’t seen me in a while, things are happening at a pace that I cannot control.

The good news is that I think the piles of stuff to do are only at about waist level right now. If I can control myself–no knit-cations, no procrasta-knitting–I am in good shape to have a wonderful year.

I have not seen a good art documentary in a while. I’d love to hear what your favorites are.

Thank you all for sharing your favorite books, wishing me happy birthday, and letting me know what you are thinking. I apologize for not responding to each and every one. I try, but I hope you understand that occasionally time just runs away and doesn’t come back.

I am making my very first pair of socks. I know, boring black, but I am going to make teal knee-highs next. I have struggled getting used to the four double pointed needles. Several times, I have finished stitching and instead of moving the free needle, I move the needle with stitches. I just slide the needle right out and then I am left with 20 little gaping loops. Ouch. This week in class we will be turning the heel.

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016I made my first quilt of 2016. I am pretty happy with it. The color palette is a stretch for me, but in a good way. I am going to save the official unveiling for another blog post, but here is a peek at things.

Project Every Day–you know the thing where I wear only clothing I have made for the entire year. Well, it is moving along. Because I have not had time to make any new clothes the project has been more about me than garment construction. As in–one way to get over yourself is to have your teenage sons photograph you every day. They have no problem telling me how ridiculous I look. Whatever. I’m still doing it.

I haven’t written any updates yet, but I have been posting daily photos on Instagram. So you can follow me there if you like. Or I can just tell you here that I need more warm and colorful clothes, and I’m working on it. Just as soon as I finish writing this blog.

I hope you will join me this coming Friday, February 5th for the opening of the regional SAQA Show ART CLOTH NORTH II  at the Blue-Hollomon  Gallery here in Anchorage.

White Postcard to postFinally, I should say that I signed two contracts this month. One with C&T Publishing–yep. I’m writing a book. The other is with the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida. I have been invited to create work for a three person show. The exhibiton will be an exploration of color and geometry as seen through the eyes of a quilt maker, a sculptor, and a painter. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? I think I have to go to the opening which will be in December in Florida. Who can say no that?

Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016I hope everyone’s year is off to a fabulous start. Do you have any updates to share?


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14 thoughts on “Images, Thoughts, and Updates January 2016

  1. All the best with your 2016 projects and engagements

    • Mickey Beebe on said:

      When you were discussing your Project Every Day, I was trying to think of Frostine. I made 2 jackets, 2 backpack/ suitcases, some down booties and a tent from their kits. I don’t know if I would do it again…..but it was fun and challenging at the time.

      Every one will be checking out your outfit at QuiltCon. See you then!

  2. Congratulations on your contracts! A book–wow! Sounds like your year is off to a fantastic start! Hope you enjoy turning the heel on your first sock; that’s my favorite part.

  3. It may have been harsh but at least you got your AARP invitation at the appropriate age. Our daughter got hers around her 25th! We laughed and laughed!

  4. Betty Vincent on said:

    You sound like a very busy person and love your discounts with AARP. I am working on a men’s tie quilt, a Japanese jacket for a friend, and hexi quilt in this coming month plus keep up on reading. Happy Birthday!

  5. Congratulations on receiving your AARP card, such a dubious milestone! Seriously, happy birthday! Your clothing project is admirable and I’ve enjoyed seeing your daily posts on Instagram. Lots of my friends used the Frostline patterns back in the day, but I never did. That vest should be a great project. Looking forward to more announcements about your upcoming book. The quilting on your latest quilt is inspiring, as always! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I recently watched the documentary on Iris Apfel. Intriguing!
    And though I am not a knitter I have seen several knitter work on socks — 2 at a tume on a circular needle. The idea is that they are made together so they are more similar and when you are done you have a pair, not another sock to make.

  7. A quilt maker, a sculptor and a painter walked into a bar . . .
    Seriously I love the idea of your joint show.

  8. congrats, all source of exciting stuff happening.

  9. Heidi Hartung on said:

    You have had a great January!!! Congratulations 👏👏👏

  10. I can hardly wait to see your first quilt of the year reveal! You have so much going on, but its all good.

  11. Congratulations on your new book. I’m here from Google because I really liked your thread stories quilt – love all those borders! and wanted to see what else you have made.

  12. Congratulations on the book deal and the lecture opportunity! These portend a great year! So happy that your mid-century mark is so auspicious!

  13. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! And ignore your kids-you look fab! You’ve probably seen Exit Through the Gift Shop?

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