Images, Ideas, and Updates–June 2016

June is the craziest month. We are all in hyper overdrive with all the daylight. People mow their lawns at midnight, kids refuse to go bed, and plants grow up to look like body builders. This is the light at 4AM just a few days before Summer Solstice.

thumb_IMG_8469_1024We drove out to McCarthy on May 31st. There are so many reasons I love it out here, but at the top of the list might just be the views. This is the Kennicott River.

thumb_IMG_8892_1024This is McCarthy Creek just about a half block from our cabin.

thumb_IMG_8064_1024This is the view on the other side of McCarthy Creek.

thumb_IMG_7554_1024And here is what I see when I walk to mail. 

thumb_IMG_7460_1024Being in such an amazing landscape is darn good for the soul.

The first event of June was a community quilt block party for the amazing Ari. This kiddo is the best smiler.

Next up was an incredible evening of stand up performance by Monte Montepare  a long time McCarthy resident and soon to be world famous performer. Here is Monte at Tall Tales in 2009.

thumb_August 2009 583_1024Son number one opened for Monte at this summer’s event. Here he is.

thumb_IMG_7832_1024And here is the crowd.

thumb_IMG_7822_1024He did a great job, but I was so nervous, I forgot to take photos of Monte. What a night!

thumb_IMG_7848_1024Meanwhile, my neighbors across the road, the Wrangell Mountains Center, were hosting the International Summer School in Glaciology . Thirty of the best glaciologists and their students convened for ten days just steps from my house. I have no idea how many languages were being spoken during the conversations, but it was a wild cacophany of icy words.

Then Mavis Muller, art activist and creator of ephemeral community art, wove a basket for a Solstice burning at the McCarthy Creek. It you can read and see more about the basket and our community engagement here.  It is part of her year long project to Weave the Watersheds.

In addition to weaving baskets, Mavis also has a banner project. After the Valdez Oil Spill in 1989, Mavis began making banners and hanging them in relevant places—drawing our attention to the importance of conservation work. One of the banners made its way to the Root Glacier. Mavis and photographer Paul Scannell  did a fly over to capture some incredible images of the banner on ice. Isn’t that wild?

3Y6A4374.jpgBeing that McCarthy is such a small town,  there are lots of in the middle of the road conversations. They usually included a dog, a four wheeler, and local politics.

thumb_IMG_8119_1024.jpgI having been reading in the evening. The quilters of the Santa Clara Quilt Association suggested the Masie Dobbs a post WWI female detective series. I am so glad I listened to their advice.These books are great summer readinig.

51UwyLnaKSL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_In the cracks between all this business, I am doing three things.  I am stitching away in my little solar powered studio.

Making bits and more bits. Every day I try and log up to four hours of sewing.

And of course, there is also Project Every Day. I am currently at Day 184 which puts me over the half way mark. Too bad the first 100 days were shot in an inadequate location!

Here is the back story on that project in case you some how missed it. You can also follow along on Instagram where I try and post daily. I also do a weekly documentation of the project on my website. Basically, if you are interested in making any of the garments, this is the place where I will be listing the pattern, fabric, etc…

And I am writing a book. Slowly but surely. The writing is easy the formatting is hard.

And that folks is the story of June 2016. What have you been stitching, reading, and doing this summer? I’d love hear your stories.

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12 thoughts on “Images, Ideas, and Updates–June 2016

  1. Jackie Ohlson on said:

    What an interesting June; thanks so much for sharing. Makes me want to go back to McCarthy to visit as it has been years and I’ve grown up in Anchorage! Your sewing room looks fabulous and I can’t wait to read the book series. Great admiration for your making your own clothing this year. You are enjoying life!👏👍


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Jackie- You should try and make it out here. It has changed, but it is in many ways still the same. Especially for tourists who can not drive the private bridge into town. Let me know when you show up. I’d love a visit.

  2. debby on said:

    It’s so great how you are active in your community, but still disciplined to work consistently in the studio. And you are rocking those clothes!

    • The deadlines are what keep me focused. Today I went and got propane, and now all I want to do is sit in the sun! But that won’t get me where I want to go.

  3. Jan Ellen Moskowitz on said:

    thanks, maria! you are an inspiration! i just set up a bigger studio in my basement and am ready to dye 75 yards of fabric in my garage and go to work!

  4. Blankenship Beth on said:

    Thanks Maria, I love getting to know McCarthy through you. You are an inspiration in the sewing room, I would never accomplish as much in 4 hours!

  5. McCarthy always looks like a place to feed your creative soul. I often listen to the Maisie Dobbs books while I do handwork.

  6. Those are beautiful views. I’d want to just sit in the sun and watch the view, too.

    My summer has been practicing machine quilting. I just finished another practice top, and I think I might move on to a top I care about. I’m slowly getting better.
    That and fastening together knitted squares for a group afghan project, and planning for a big trip to Europe in September. It’s our 10th anniversary, and we’ve been talking about doing this for years.

    • Good for you that you are sticking with the machine quilting. Practice is really the key there. Happy Anniversary and enjoy Europe! I hope you make it to Spain. It is the best.

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