Jennifer Fleming’s Mystery Quilt

Earlier this month, I had a great time teaching at the Valdez Quilt Festival. This Festival happens every two years, and is only possible because the quilters of Valdez put in long hard volunteer hours to make it happen.

Thank you. Thank you to these lovely stitching ladies.

I hope to share the entire adventure with you in another post, but for now I wanted to share a favorite event from the weekend.

The Friday night of the Valdez Quilt Festival is a mystery quilt class. Around five in the afternoon, the volunteers tidy the convention center, and it begins to fill with dozens and dozens of quilters and thier machines and fabric.

Jennifer Fleming Mystery #1

When the convention center is all opened up–without room dividers–everyone can admire the wall of quilts.

Jennifer Fleming Mystery #2

So before I show you the mystery quilts, I would like us all to enjoy that wall. All of these quilts were made by the Valdez quilters since the last Festival in 2014.

 This year, my long time quilting friend, Jennifer Fleming designed the mystery quilt pattern. While creating the instructions for this quilt, Jennifer had many local quilters make versions of the quilt. This helped her hone her pattern instructions while also created many fine examples of how the pattern changes depending on your color and print placement.


Teresa Cummins

The way a mystery works is that you get your fabric requirements which include hints—two yards of a neutral, or one yard of a bold print, or one and half yards of a pastel. But you DO NOT know what the finished quilt looks like. It is a mystery!

Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson

These hints help you get good contrast in your final quilt.

Jennifer Fleming #1

Jennifer Fleming #1

First you cut your fabric, and then you get your next bit of instructions. All along the way you are stitching, trying to figure out what the pattern is.

Judy Barlett

Judy Barlett

A good mystery will keep you guessing until the very end.

Jennifer Flemming #3

Jennifer Flemming #3

I hope you have enjoyed all the great examples of this quilt.

Jennifer Flemming #2

Jennifer Flemming #2

It is called Storms a’coming to Port Valdez.

Rhonda Sambo

Rhonda Sambo

I love getting to see the same pattern made with some many different fabric combinations.

Donna Weeks

Donna Weeks

Some uber over-achievers even managed to finish their quilt tops in a twenty four hour period. They were ready for Show and Tell the next night!

Jennifer Fleming Mystery QuiltAnd just for fun. Let’s look at all of them side by side.

Jennifer plans to create an original stand alone pattern based on this design. If you are interested in knowing when the pattern comes out,  post in the comments here, or send me an email, and I will make sure you can get the news.

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12 thoughts on “Jennifer Fleming’s Mystery Quilt

  1. Sue Tague on said:

    A great post, Maria..I loved seeing all the variety to these quilts.Did you do one?

  2. I love seeing how alike & different they are…..I’d like to know when the pattern is available. Thanks for sharing this

  3. Charlotte on said:

    So cool to see how the different colours and values change up the design.

  4. on said:

    Looks like a fun project though I am often too slow to complete a quilt top in the designated time. However, I would love the pattern and could work on it at home at my slow pace. Thanks for posting the pictures. I love what they created.

    • Profmom- I am super slow! I like being steady when I work on a new quilt. I hate rushing through it. That is the disadvantage of the Mystery Class–everyone is rushing. I love what they created too!

  5. Jennifer Fleming is a wonder is all I can say. Such craft as well as great designs and seemingly very complex. Love each and every one.

  6. That is such a beautiful design and it’s fun to see how different color choices can impact the final quilt look.

    Thanks for sharing … Looks like all had a great time!

  7. Dear Jean- Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You are right. It is a beautiful design. And a lot of fun!

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