Artful Improv by Cindy Grisdela—Win Her Book!

Cindy Grisdela and I met through SAQA—the Studio Art Quilt Association. We are both on the Special Events Committee which helps organize the SAQA annual conference. So, while she is on the far east coast and I am on the far west coast, we have gotten to know each via tele-conferencing.


I have long admired Cindy’s work for its wonderful texture and color, and when Cindy gave me a ride from Philadelphia to Delaware after last year’ SAQA conference, I got to personally know the artist behind the stitches. Cindy is thoughtful and sincere, and it shows in her work.

I am honored to review Cindy’s new book Artful Improv published by C&T Publishing.


Here are my ten most favorite things about this book.

1. Cindy is a master quilter. She is a stitching wizard on the domestic machine.11172 Grisdela F'16

2. Color. Color. Color. Cindy’s use of color is inspirational and truly unique to her work.



3. We both like scraps. If you are bit maker like me, you will love Cindy’s tenacious use of scraps. It is truly inspiring.

11172 Grisdela F'16

4. She has good advice about working intuitively. I don’t think I have seen that before.

5. As the book title indicates, Cindy is a master at improvisational piecing. If you want to know more about this topic, you will want to read Cindy’s book.

6. She has great tips for tackling curved piecing which I know many of you are interested in exploring.

cgrisdela_littlecitrus7. Cindy’s work is grounded in traditional quilt making which makes us sisters of sorts.

8. She breaks down improv piecing into do-able chunks. I am an improv piecer myself, and I learned several new tricks from Cindy’s book.

9. Her hand stitching is absolutely yummy. I am a machine girl, but Cindy inspires me to think about getting my thimble out.

11172 Grisdela F'16
10. Cindy is an excellent teacher. I always say if the student’s work is amazing, you know the teacher is doing her job. Check out this piece by Cindy’s student Libby Samuel. LOVE.

11172 Grisdela F'16

You can win her book here! Just leave a comment about what you think you could learn from Artful Improv, and I will select a lucky winner at the end of this blog tour. That means you have until midnight AK time on October 19th to comment. I will be in China, so if there is a slight delay on my end, I hope you will understand.

If you want the book now, you can have it. It is for sale on Cindy’s website , at C&T Publishing, and Amazon .

And if you want to follow along and see what others have to say about Cindy’s book you can by visiting the following stops on her blog book tour. Each blog post is an opportunity for you to win her book.

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I think that I would like ot have this book because all of the quilts are eye candy!

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  1. Wow, I love her work that you’ve shown. I’d like to read how she makes her quilting choices.

  2. I need some inspiration to put some of my wandering blocks into a finished piece!

  3. I want to learn more about curved piecing. This looks like a great book.

  4. Meredith on said:

    Oh, what a wonderful opportunity to win, thank you! I would like to learn more about color…I struggle with getting it ‘right’ in my quilting.

  5. I’m a beginner quilter-so I’m sure I could learn something! I love the idea of sorting my scraps into something meaningful (or not). The possibilities are endless-I love her quilting!

  6. I think I could learn to be less rigid in my quilt designs.

  7. I think Cindy’s book could be just the ticket besides the jumping off enticement that I need for my creativity in joining my guilds challenge on a modern quilty piece this year. I’m feeling. Quite overwhelmed about it but would love to stretch those artistic muscles and grow.

  8. Great review. Looks like a great book by a great artist.

  9. Stunning quilts and the quilting is beautiful! I would love to learn another method for improv!

  10. Monica on said:

    I think I can pick up ideas on how to create quilts that stand out.

  11. Miriam on said:

    Her work is stunning! I want to use more negative space and fill quilting. The curved piecing makes me want to jump in and “just do it”.

  12. Improv quilting seems like a slippery slope into a new obsession. I think I could use tips on relaxing and enjoying the process as a journey, rather than a recipe.

  13. buntyw on said:

    Wow! Cindy’s work is stunning – I love her use of colour!!

  14. catskillquilter on said:

    I think what I need most to tackle improv quilting is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide!

  15. Noreen T on said:

    I think I can learn a lot. I’ve done some improv quilting before, but mine just doesn’t look good for some unknown reason. Maybe I can find our what Cindy’s secret is!

  16. Melody Lutz on said:

    To let the RULES of quilting go!

  17. Oh!.My.Goodness!!
    Such wonderful eye-candy!!!
    I *have* to see this book!… I love the use of color, and I really need to get help on improv curved piecing!
    Thank you!

  18. Kat Scott on said:

    That whole idea of breaking it down into do-able chunks would be very helpful…. along with the fabulous eye candy! Congratulations on going to China!

  19. Nancy A on said:

    The book looks like it would be great for inspiration. I was also very interested in her quilting on each project.

  20. I love the pictures you shared from Cindy’s work. Thank you for the excellent review and for the chance to win a copy of her book.

  21. I have done a fair amount of improv quilting. I always enjoy the early stage, where I’m just starting to build something up. But I get worn out with the difficulty of subsequent decisions, trying to put together the first parts. Sounds like this book might help.

  22. sewserena on said:

    The title intrigues me with color recipes, and I am one of those who wants to play more with learning to piece curves!

  23. just in time for me in the way I am with my quilts 🙂

  24. Christine on said:

    At his book appears to be wonderful & inspiring!

  25. Love these ideas. I would like to try this because it looks so fun. Thank you

  26. Susan Zakanycz on said:

    I feel that I would learn how to use color and shapes in a improvisational way!

  27. Susan Zakanycz on said:

    I will learn how to use colors and shapes in my quilt making journey.

  28. Nicole Sender on said:

    I could really use this book to help me learn a more modern approach to quilting. I love the bright and bold colors!

  29. I have only recently starting trying to do improv. piecing. It’s so fascinating to me, but I have oodles to learn. It seems like it’s directionless, but yet so freeing all at the same time!

  30. Improv piecing looks fun. This book looks like it could be a good kick-starter for me. I hope I can be successful at it. No more “cookie cutter” quilts for me.

  31. Looks like a fabulous book. Think I could learn more about improv piecing into do-able chunks. Love the idea of do-able.

  32. Karen Friedrichs on said:

    I could learn a lot according to your review!

  33. Looks like a wonderful book. I think you keep great company! On the blog roll list I see Heather Kojan also. She is another east coaster whom I had teach at the guild. I was pleased to meat Cindy when I picked you up. I am going to suggest her to our current VP for a future booking!

  34. Penny Hyde on said:

    Love the look of these quilts and all the great color. I need this book.

  35. I also admire Cindy’s work. I’d enjoy learning more about her process.

  36. I could learn to be more brave with colors, shapes and quilting.

  37. Lisa Marie on said:

    I would hope that this book would teach me to embrace the freedom of improv piecing. With an engineering background, I tend toward structure and order, but I just love the look of the quilts from this book!

  38. sewNaloha on said:

    I have been following Cindy for a while, love her style and would love to get her book in hand to stretch my creative muscles!

  39. I have always lean toward traditional quilts but this book would be a great way to expand my horizons.

  40. springleafstudios on said:

    Improv isn’t my comfort zone. Sounds like this book would be a great introduction into trying improv and exploring without a pattern.

  41. I love the results from improv but it is so far from my comfort zone. Maybe if I was guided a bit…

  42. Improv is way out of my comfort zone. Maybe her book would help me loosen up!

  43. WOW, that is a LOT of comments! Heh.
    Mmmm, such pretty colors and awesome quilting in those pictures.

    I have never done improv quilting (or maybe I have but I don’t know what it’s named?) So I’d like to see what she has to say about it. I like small, do-able chunks instead of great big monolithic things.

    Hope you are enjoying China!

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