Hot Crossed Squares

Two years ago, I had an exhibition at the gallery space located on the Kenai Pennisula College campus. 

This is the show where my name was in lights. Okay, it was only Kenai, Alaska and not New York City, but it was still fun.

Because the gallery space is small, I decided to create as many small pieces as I could.

Last summer, I finally had almost all of the pieces photographed. A few of them were sold before I had a chance to photograph them, which is a shame, and I need to learn not to do that.

A month ago, I added a new gallery to my website to share these small quilts. 

And today, I am sharing them with you on my blog.



Zebra 17H x 16W $475

Each Hot Crossed Square is a bit like a sketch.

Water 14H x 13W $350

Another fun word for sketch is maquette.

Tic-Tac-Toe 10H x 10W $200

According to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns,

Techonotronic 16H x 16W $550

These quilts are inspired by and related to following quilt blocks—

T.V. 16H x 17W $475

The Red Cross Quilt, Stone Mason’s Puzzle, City Streets, Squares and Square, and my favorite Crossed Square.

Sunshine 13H x 13W $325

Some of these sketches actually become Color Grids.

Neon 14H x 12W $300

Color Grids is the same of the series I have been working on since 2011.

Monkey 14H x 12W $325

A Color Grid quilt is really a Hot Crossed Square multiplied.

Apache 14H x 15W $420

Or to put it in quilt lingo—a Hot Crossed Square is a single quilt block.

Joy 9H x 7W $125

A Color Grid has between nine and 16 blocks depending on how I grid the quilt.

Hush 9H x 7W $125

I am teaching Riffing on Tradition at Hello Stitch in Berkeley, California on Saturday November 11 from 12NOON until 6PM.

Hot Flash 17H x 16W $475

In this workshop, we will be doing exactly what I have done with my Hot Crossed Squares.

Groove 18H x 18W $475

We will be taking a traditional quilt block and manipulating it over and over again.

Go Bananas- Private Collection

We will be examining all the variables aka Design Elements, and then manipulating those variables into small works of art OR one large composition.

Force Field Mini 12H x 12H $475

It is going to be a very good time.

Circus 13H x 11W $325

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pieces.

BOO! 14H x 16W $390

Maybe it will inspire to make some of your own.

Barber Shop 13H x 11W $275

Thank you folks for stopping by.

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13 thoughts on “Hot Crossed Squares

  1. Very interesting quilt blocks. Thank you for showing us.

  2. Suzana on said:

    Your work is wonderful!

  3. Thanks for showing us these! They are BEAUTIFUL! And experimenting on this scale seems not too risky for those of us who are used to doing quilting math (not too well in my case!) and wielding a rotary cutter! I am also inspired to do a facing rather than a binding… off to find a tutorial on that 😉

    • Thank you! If you go to my ABOUT page there is a search bar on the top right hand side. If you type in Facing Your Quilt you will find a tutorial on how I face my quilts. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Maureen @ Mystic Quilter on said:

    Thank you so much for showing these stunning little quilts, they are a delight! Your new book is on the way to me, hopefully only one week away now!

  5. Just fantastic! And yes, it makes me want to go out into my studio and dig through my big collection of solids and just make some quilt blocks!!

  6. Thanks for posting these all, they are AWESOME! They just vibrate and dance.

  7. Alaska is every bit as valid as New York.
    I’ve lived on the west coast all my life and
    wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I love your work.

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