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Time jumps forward at lightning speed when you are flying, teaching, lecturing, quilting, facing, shipping, and flying again.

What? I know. It is all too much.

Or another way to put it is—when you say YES. Sometimes the world says HELL YES back at you.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.


So, I wrote a book and copies of it are now stored in a warehouse in Pennsylvania. . This means that the book is available for purchase—it exists and you can buy it. You can order it on Amazon or at C&T Publishing or directly from me if you want a signed copy

Or, if you are feeling lucky, you might win a copy here by answering the following question.


I would like to create a hashtag for Instagram so that people who have used my book to make quilts can share their work. What should that hashtag be? #improv is really kind of a generic label. I’d like something a little spicier.


You can also just tell me why you would like the book. That is good too.

Road RunnerI will use a random number selector to select the winner.

Rattle SnakeYou can also visit the following blogs to read reviews of the book and post comments there too.


October 16—C&T Publishing
October 18—Yvonne Fuchs at Quilting JetGirl
October 19—Amy Ellis at Amy’s Creative Side
October 20—Deborah Boschert at Deborah’s Journal
October 21—Kathy Doughty at Material Obsession
October 21— Terri Lucas at Generation Q Magazine
October 22— Wendy Hill at Wendy Hill’s Blog—Fun Quilts Stuff & More
October 23—Cindy Grisdela at Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts
October 24—Heather Pregger at Heather’s Blog
October 25—Maria Shell at Tales of a Stitcher

That is ten chances to win.

Neon Zig ZagIf you have the book and you like it, I hope you will leave a review on Amazon.

Big Rad Plaid

All of these quilts were made just for the book, and I have been sitting and sitting on them. It feel good to share!

BeachyAs I write this, I am flying over the Rockies and headed south to Houston and my first ever Quilt Market. What does that mean? I don’t know the details yet.  I do know that it will involve a LOT of meeting new people. Hello people. My name is Maria Shell, and this is my book, or something like that. Stay tuned….

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  1. Mary Ann Nailos on said:

    Beautiful colors and patterns!

  2. Mona Roberts on said:

    Yes, yes to enjoying the creativity from your book–on an Instagram hashtag folder and by working through your book. Enjoy Market. I’ll look for you at Festival if you are still standing :).

  3. LaceFlower on said:

    I’m fascinated by your work, so bold, so colourful. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the book lottery.

  4. Another vote for #shellimprov I really enjoyed the class I took with you in LA & I will post my finished quilt and share with you! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. How about “Anything Goes!” love your work hugs, Julierose

  6. How about shellshocked? As a former Alaskan I was drawn to your blog. I enjoy the bright colors and innovative piecing.

  7. I shared your book yesterday and a few more copies will be sold! They loved it. As for me, still haven’t cracked it yet. But scrolling through this post to get to the comments has left me breathless. SO fabulous. Congrats to you and I hope you have an amazing time in Houston!

  8. #mariashellimprov

  9. Ruth Harmelink on said:

    Congratulations, Maria!!! So proud of you. I just ordered my book from Amazon. Ruth Harmelink

  10. Libby Samuel on said:

    Just ordered book on Amazon – congrats. Loved your Quilt National piece.

  11. Penny Hyde on said:

    I have your book Maria but I am ready to win a signed copy too! It’s truly masterfully done, as it’s both USEFUL and inspiring. It is also eye candy for my soul! I will write my first ever Amazon review for your outstanding achievement.

  12. I just discovered you via C&T Publishing’s blog, and I’m so excited to see your work! Would be thrilled to win your book–it looks fabulous! Congratulations!!

  13. I prefer #shellimprov for a hashtag. I have your book and think it is very smartly done. Good writing, excellent illustration of points, lots of inspirational photos, and so very many good ideas I want to try . . . thank you for all the work you invested in writing it!

  14. Beth T. on said:

    I’d go with #mariashellimprov to strengthen your name recognition. This has been an inspiring, motivating blog hop–thanks so much!

  15. #mariasimprovshellgame—I stumbled across you book and it lookes beautiful—love the colors and patterns.

  16. Bettina Beurel on said:

    Hope this giveaway is open to European people….
    #dynamicquilts or #line&shapequilts or #dynamicmariashell
    Love your work and funny mind.

  17. Love, love, love your quilting style and your book….just purchased in Kathy Doughty’s
    Material Obsession Booth in Houston.

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