Art Appliqué—Beautiful Flowers

I want to take a moment and share a short story about creativity.

For the past three years, I have taught Modern Broderie Perse at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. I love this workshop because while everyone starts with basically the same materials, the end results are wildly different.

I am going to change the name of this workshop to Art Appliqué—Beautiful Flowers.

While the idea behind the class is cutting images out of fabric (which is broderie perse), it is confusing for students. I am not teaching the fundamentals of Broderie Perse and/or new Broderie Perse techniques. That’s my bad, and I am fixing it.

What the class is really about is being open to creating without a pattern.

I prep sheets of fabric (approximately 8’’ wide by 18’’ long) with 805 Wonder-Under heat activated fusible. Every time I teach the workshop, I add new prints to the stash. I like geometrics, florals, textures, and so on.

The students bring in a “table cloth” fabric and a background fabric.  I provide the rest of the materials. You could use the technique to build other things—cars, owls, fish, and so on. But a floral bouquet is an excellent place to start.

Some students use the images printed on the fabric to build their flowers. Others do not.

Each time I teach the class, my students show me new ways to create flowers. Each and every composition is beautiful and original.

That is the point of the workshop really— deep inside we are all beautiful and original.

And with just a tiny bit of encouragement, my hope is that we can bring what’s inside—outside for everyone to celebrate.

I have written about this workshop a couple of other times. The first one is called Spring Bouquet and the second one is called Modern Broderie Perse @IQA 2015.

If you are in the thick of holiday gift making, I would love to see what you are are up to. 

Last year, I wrote a blog post called Holiday Gift Ideas–From Me To You about my favorite handmade gifts to give and get. 

Many of you responded by sharing your favorite handmade gifts. I gathered your ideas and photos and created a blog post called Handmade Holiday Gifts

I’d like to try and do that again this year.

What you are making? Post a comment, and I will get in touch with you so we can share your work here. 

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27 thoughts on “Art Appliqué—Beautiful Flowers

  1. I wrapped a stuffed animal (here, still in the package) in a 16″-square quilt sample I’d made to try out an idea. The bright backing was more colorful than the pieced side, so that’s the side you see. It will make a wonderful gift for a small child. Even little boys like to put a quilt on their stuffed animal when they go to bed. It becomes a pleasant bedtime ritual which helps them practice being parents.

  2. Linda Doss on said:

    Tah dah! IMPROV came today. Excited to delve into more inspiration.
    I began working on pot holders as gifts.
    I purchased 2 pot holders at Appalachian Center for Crafts in mid-90’s. While they are still durable and sturdy, they are showing wear and tear. Thus began the beginning of making sturdy and interesting pot holders for myself and for friends.

  3. Great post Maria! I’ve been making fabric wallets for gifts this year. Lots of fun!

  4. These are just so fabulous. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I was forced to. They each have something special to offer.

  5. Enjoyed your gifts from your talented students. Your recordings and photos from the classes are so inspiring and organized. Thanks too for the Christmas gift of your wonderful blog.

  6. I love this technique, using the elements in the fabric to guide the design. Broderie perse gone modern? I agree you might need a name change, and I like the new name! The projects in your post are fantastic, and I can see some similar fabrics among the different vases & flowers, but the choices the students made are wonderful. What am I making? Not much sadly, but have done a little “card crafting” in the last couple of days. Merry christmas.

  7. Jean Etheridge on said:

    I made book pillows for grandchildren. They are quilted front and back with a pocket on the front to hold a book. On the back, I used a zipper so the covers can be removed for washing. The pillow forms are 18 inches. I am also working on a bookshelf quilt for my daughter, but who knows if I can finish before they arrive right after the 25th. I recently found your blog, a I really enjoy your posts. The flowers are fun!

  8. Placemats! I made nine pairs, and with a few exceptions, they were all from my stash and scrap bag.

  9. Jackie Bailey on said:

    Making Sweetpea Pods’ pattern by Lazy Girl. 10, 11or 12” square. Great for storing little things or binding clips,

  10. All those different flowers and stems. They are fabulous!

    I’m knitting a cabled tam for a friend. It is PURPLE (really, really purple) because she loves purple. I should be able to finish it on the plane flight back from Florida to California, right? (hahahaha no way; I am SUCH a slow knitter, yet after all these years it still hasn’t sunk in)

  11. These fabulous appliqué bouquets are all so unique! I’m making potholders, table runners, coasters, pincushions, mug rugs, card holders and book pillows. However all the gifts aren’t finished, so back to stitching I go!

  12. I’m making placemats and hot pads (for putting hot dishes on). So far seven of each. I also made a wine bottle bag and want to make another of those. Love the flowers!

  13. liz hinze on said:

    Nothing is going on I’m in a rut …..
    Maybe I’ll try making a flower bouquet

  14. Barbara Post on said:

    I made 28 shishiko “tea towels” or napkins or placemats or whatever the receivers want to do with them. I had worked with dying yarn with indigo before but never cotton pieces. It was a blast thinking of different ways to tie them up. I did four designs so I ended up with 7 gift packages of four designs but they all turned out to be slightly different. Tons of fun!

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