The Year in Quilts 2017

My goal was to create 24 new pieces this year, but I came up far short of that. I find that I over and over again set unrealistic goals for myself. The good thing about this is that it pushes me. The bad thing about this is that I always feel like I am falling short.

The first quilt of the year was a huge push to create ONE more quilt for the book

Big Rad Plaid by Maria Shell

Big Rad Plaid 48″ x 54”

I stitched a small quilt for the SAQA Trunk Show which is traveling the world educating people about the wonder and beauty of the art quilt. 

Little Mini by Maria Shell

Little Mini 10” x 7” I do not have a photo of the final quilt–I know, that’s lame.

I then made a little chair quilt for the SAQA Spotlight Auction which is a super fun event at the annual SAQA conference each year.

Little Chair #1

Little Chair #1 8’’ x 6’’

I like the little bits from Little Mini so much that I used them to make my SAQA Benefit Auction Quilt.

Sew Many Minis

Sew Mini Minis 12’’ x 12’’

I then made two small quilt postcards for Quilter’s Affair in Sisters, Oregon.

Sisters Fundraiser

After that, I made the Wrangell Mountains Center an auction quilt for Tall Tales.

Logs in a Pile

Logs in Pile 50” x 70” Approximately

True Confessions is the first quilt I made for Cloth in Common an art quilt challenge group I belong to. I recommend checking out our website and blog.  Every two months we challenge ourselves to create a new quilt based on an individual member’s prompt. I also wrote a blog post about the group which you can read here. The members have made some incredible pieces for the first two challenges.

True Confessions by Maria Shell

True Confessions—Cacophony/Euphony 40’’ x 30’’

I wanted to finish new work for the show Line + Shape at Hello Stitch and Stitched at the Valdez Museum. Bliss and Mirror Ball have been the works for years. They have been off and on design walls too many times to count.

Bliss by Maria Shell

Bliss 46’’ x 46’’

Mirror Ball

Mirror Ball 60’’ x 60’’

By that time, my next Cloth in Common challenge quilt was due.

HOT SEAT! by Maria Shell

HOT SEAT! 40” x 30”

I ended the year with a selection of small quilts.

Franken Chair by Maria Shell

Franken Chair 18” x 9”

Do the Dot by Maria Shell

Do the Dot 22’’ x 22’’

Lines-Lines-Lines by Maria Shell

Lines-Lines-Lines 15” x 15”

I have one more 2017 quilt, but I can’t reveal it yet. It is the third challenge for Cloth in Common. You will have to wait until the end of January to see that one.

I will end this post with some incredible news. This time next year,  I will be in the final days of preparation for a solo show at Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California. Unbelievable!


But before all of the 2018 mayhem starts, we are off to Kona for ten days. I will be teaching at Quilt Passions on Thursday January 4th and Thursday January 9th. If you are interested in these workshops, let me know if I can answer any questions. Otherwise, follow the link and sign up!

Happy New Year! May your lives be filled with happiness, joy, compassion for others, quilts and other stitched things.

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15 thoughts on “The Year in Quilts 2017

  1. Mickeybb on said:

    Great quilts! Looks like you had a good year!….and don’t forget you also published a book!

  2. OMG, congratulations on Visions!!! What a “get”! You the bomb Maria!

  3. Deborah Bight on said:

    That’s great, Maria! Visionz is a great space! Happy New Year!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming show at VAM! It’s amazes me to see all the quilts you made in addition to your busy teaching schedule and book signings.

  5. Congratulations on your solo show — and all the fabulous artwork you’ve made! Looking forward to watching your 2018 journey.

  6. Congratulations on the solo show fabulous news.

  7. jillphoddick on said:

    Maria – do you quilt small pieces on a longarm or domestic?

    • Jill- I quilt everything on my longarm. My skills are just so much better even when the piece is small. I frequently will load several small quilts at once. Happy New Year!

  8. That is a good year! Quilting plus publishing a book, plus all the teaching you did. Have fun in Hawaii–I hope you have some time to just relax and enjoy as well as the teaching.

  9. Congratulations on your work and especially on your exhibit in San Diego!! Too bad I live so far, I’d have run to see it!

  10. So much fun. You made me smile!

  11. I love seeing so many of your quilts lined up here. They always make me happy! What an exciting year for you, especially the Visions show. Congratulations!

  12. Ivy Bagnall on said:

    Gorgeous quilts! Gorgeous quilting! Love your stitches!

  13. I got your book and subsequently started following your blog. I love your work and the way you write about what you do. My jaw dropped when I saw To Agnes Martin…such patience! Why did you go around each little cross? I take my hat off to you! You could have gone around each little square instead!

  14. Hi Maria, I love your idea of year in review by quilts. I also struggle with thinking I can accomplish more than is possible. Congratulations on your upcoming show!

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