Spring Sprang Sprung

Last fall, I joined an art quilt group called Cloth in Common. We are a group of eleven artists from around the world all working in fiber.

Every two months, one of our members gives us a prompt and we respond with a new quilt. We have two months to create, and then we each write a short blog post on our website to share the new work.

I wrote about the origins of our group here

Below is a list of the prompts and my responses. If you click on the links below, it will take you to the full blog post I wrote about each quilt. Visit the Cloth in Common website to see the galleries that feature all of the artists work. 

Prompt #1 Sound True Confession: Cacophony/Euphony

Prompt #2 Touch HOTSEAT!


Prompt #4 KITCHEN Atomic Chairs

Basically the KITCHEN prompt inspired me to recreate these chairs in fabric.

It was a great way for me to play with my collection of vintage cotton textiles.


You can read the full post about Atomic Chairs on the Cloth in Common website. I will be posting something here too, once I have the quilt professionally photographed.

Today it is my turn to create a prompt. I thought a long time about this.

At first I really wanted to do April Fools as my prompt. I liked this idea, but I was afraid it might be difficult to translate into cloth. I was thinking prank, or trick, or illusion.

Still, I was hesitant. I wanted to give a prompt that created so many ideas that everyone was off and running. A prompt that worked across cultures and time zones.

Meanwhile, we are in the muck of break up season.


I love this time of year.


For months now, we’ve trudge through never ending cold and dark and ice.

Maria Shell PED Day #46

And then almost overnight it seems, we are gaining an hour of daylight a week, the snow is disappearing and we are down to two layers of clothing instead of four. It is forever and then all at once.




Spring is my prompt for the group and for you too. 

I invite all of you to follow along with Cloth in Common. If you sign up for the blog on the website, you will receive one blog post a week about how the group is responding to the prompt.  

In two months, we will all reveal our pieces. And if you have followed along, I would like to write a blog post featuring your work. We can watch each other’s progress by using the #springquilt on Instagram.

If you want to be exact about things, the quilt needs to have one of the following dimensions.

15’ x 20’’ or  20’’ x 30’’  or30’’x 40’’

Or you can just make it whatever size you like. I just hope you will follow along with me.

In other news, I participated in Paintbrush Studios Mad for Solids tournament. Sixteen quilt makers selected a personal palette. We were bracketed up and battled it out.

Basic RGB

I called my palette Hullaballoo.

29351781_1643715462383921_8000064022255354753_oI lost my battle. It was almost, but not completely, a blow out. Hullaballoo was defeated by Mid Century Modern.

Mod for Solids

I would be sad about this, but the quilt that is coming out of those fabrics is something I have been wanting to make for a long, long time. Even though I myself am stitching this, I find it hard to believe that there are only EIGHT fabrics in this quilt. But you folks know the mantra. Color is Relative and this is a classic example of that.


I will be working on this piece all week. If you want to follow along you can on Instagram @talesofastitcher

That’s it folks.

I really hope some of you will make a SPRING quilt. It can be about anything related to that word—religion, bounce, color, break up, mud season, light, or you decide. 

Let’s rev up our sewing machines and make something good.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Sprang Sprung

  1. So interesting to see the quilt coming from your fabric pull. A good reminder that the pull isn’t the final product. It’s the beginning of what we make. Different proportions completely change the look.
    Enjoy Spring! I will.

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what everyone does!

    Also your atomic chairs are fabulous!

  3. Thank you Carrie! I hope the kitties like those fuzzy blankets you are making for them!

  4. sandy G on said:

    Just saw you on The Quilt Show and so enjoyed your work. Looking forward to reading through your blog and finally allowing some of my own work to begin emerging.

  5. Now I know why have been collecting Kona solids! I just saw you on The Quilt Show and ideas are bouncing around! Thank you for inspiring me. I now have so much to read and check out. I am curious about your Cloth in common project and will check it out!

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